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Read about the 4 Main Attractions in Chile from our Travel Consultant Diego Silva.

Chile is the most narrowĀ country in South America covering over 3000 miles in length; because of that it has anĀ abundance of different landscapes, temperatures and ecosystems. The country completely changes from North to South making it one of the most interestingĀ countries to visit. Below are the main highlights I recommend seeing throughoutĀ Chile.

Lake District – Ā Attractions in Chile


The Lake District is one of the most picturesque regions in Chile and sits right in the Andes Mountain range. The Lake District isĀ home to several beautiful lakes and forests, making it the perfect destination for travelers looking for nature and tranquility. You can enjoy winter sportsĀ betweenĀ June andĀ August, and you can enjoyĀ trekking excursions during the spring and summer months between October and March. TheĀ architecture throughout the region isĀ EuropeanĀ influenced because of theĀ European settlers in the region. Ā Puerto Varas or el Frutillar are some of the more distinct European regions.

Travel to the Lake District: You can visit the Lake District by airplane from Santiago de Chile to Puerto Montt, the main airport in the region. However, I recommend the lake crossing from Bariloche, Argentina, this is a far more beautiful way to discover the Lake District.

Atacama Desert – Attractions in Chile

main-attractions-in-chileThe Atacama desert is one of theĀ driest deserts inĀ the world, and it is one of the most popular destinations amongst travelers in Chile. Ā TheĀ AtacamaĀ desert is located in the northern region of the country and offers many outdoorsy activities to visitors. From Atacama you can easily visitĀ the Flamingos national reserve, see the Tatio geysers, explore the Moon Valley and relax in the Altiplanic Lagoons.

Travel to the Atacama Desert: The easiest way to connect San Pedro de Atacama is to fly through Calama. This is the closest airport to the dessert.

Recommended Lodge: Ā Explora Atacama Lodge. Ā This is by far the most luxurious lodge in the area, ask us about or Explora Travel Specials!


Easter Island –Ā Attractions in Chile

main-attractions-in-chileEaster Island is the most isolated island on earth and it sits aboveĀ the Pacific Ocean. Ā The island is most famous for theĀ stone statues called Moais, located throughout the island. I like to think of Easter Island as a magnificentĀ open-air museum. The history and legends behind the stone statues as well as the island itself is fascinating.Ā  There are several tours you can take from here, so I recommend spending at least 3-nights in orderĀ toĀ see the wholeĀ Island.

Travel to Easter Island: The best way to travel to Easter Island is by taking a direct flight from Santiago de Chile. There are several daily flights from Santiago de Chile, however they fill up quickly, so if you are planning to visit the island I recommend planning in advance.

Recommended Lodge: Ā Explora Rapa NuiĀ Lodge. Ā This is by far the most luxurious lodge on the island, ask us about orĀ Explora Travel Specials!

Torres del Paine –Ā Attractions in Chile

main-attractions-in-chileThe Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia is by far one of the most beautiful parks in South America, better yet the world. The parkĀ is located in the south end of the Chile and has spectacular contrasting landscapes with jutting mountains, beautiful colored lakes, glaciers and waterfalls. It is truly a natural beauty.Ā The best time to visit is during the Patagonia summer months from October to February.

Travel to Torres del Paine: You can travel to Torres del Paine by flying into Punta Arenas, and then taking a bus from the city to Puerto Natales (the closest town to the National Park.

Recommended Lodge:Ā Explora Torres del PaineĀ Lodge. Ā This is by far the most luxurious lodge on the island, ask us about orĀ Explora Travel Specials! Ā Or check out ourĀ Patagonia Tours through Torres del Paine.

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Diego Silva

Diego Silva

My name is Diego and I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I have always been passionate about traveling since very little and when I turned 19 I decided to travel all around South America, going first to Peru, then Ecuador and living for almost a year in Santiago de Chile. While living there I had the opportunity to travel all around the country from the desert in north Chile to Patagonia in the very South, then visited Buenos Aires and fell in love of city where Iā€™m currently living. Here Iā€™m helping out travelers all around the world to put together their ideal trip throughout this amazing continent. My favorite places definitely are the Lake region in Argentina and The National Park Torres del Paine where any picture taken canā€™t go wrong. You can contact him at our Buenos Aires sales office or by email at Diego.S(at)SouthAmerica(dot)travel.
Diego Silva
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