New Brazil Amazon Lodge – Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge

Brazil Amazon Lodge Mirante do Gavião – Discover the Wild Amazon

brazil-amazon-lodge-mirante-do-gaviaoNew Brazil Amazon Lodge:

brazil-amazon-lodge-mirante-do-gaviaoThe Mirante do Gavião Brazil Amazon Lodge is the perfect way to explore the Amazon in comfort and style. Upon arrival, you will meet your expert guide that will lead your journey through the jungle and teach you about the flora and fauna, along with the local culture and traditions of the region.


See flora and fauna like never before. The Mirante do Gavião Lodge sits along the Rio Negro; here you will be able to admire the wildlife and spot birds, sloths, caiman, monkeys, iguanas and so much more. Go swimming in the Rio Negro, canoeing, hiking, piranha fishing and see pink dolphins, all in just 5 days.

Mirante do Gavião Accommodations:

brazil-amazon-lodgeThis lodge offers gourmet meals, a luxurious swimming pool, rooftop patios and top notch service. The small lodge has 7-suites creating an authentic and intimate Amazonian experience.

Red Hawk Itinerary – 5 day / 4 night:

Follow along on our 5-day tour and see for yourself why we recommend the Mirante do Gaviao Lodge in the Brazilian Amazon.

Day 1 – Arrive in the Amazon.


On your first day in the Amazon, you will take a 2.5-hour transfer to Novo Airao; now you will feel like you have entered the jungle. Meet your guide that will take you through the jungle over the next five days.  Start the afternoon with a city tour and get to know the rest of the travelers in your group. In the evening, you can go diving in the Rio Negro before going to the lodge.

Day 2 – Anavihanas beach, hike to the giant tree and visit a nearby community.


Today is your first full day in the jungle, get ready for an adventure-filled day. Keep in mind that activities vary depending on the season when you are visiting.

Dry Season: Go on a 45-minute boat ride to Anavihanas National Park and visit Chameleon Beach. Enjoy a quick swim before starting a short hike to the Giant Macucu tree.  Along the way, your guide will point out the different flora and fauna. In the afternoon, enjoy a traditional Amazon lunch of fresh fish before returning to the lodge.

Flood Season: Visit the Sobrado Riverside Community, from here you will start your 2.5-hour hike to see the largest tree species in the Amazon. Along the way admire the Amazon’s flora and fauna and keep your eyes peeled for monkeys playing in the trees.  After a short hike, relax and enjoy a traditional Amazon lunch.

Day 3 – Madada caves & caboclo site.


Take a 1.5-hour boat ride to the Madada Caves where you can navigate through the hall of stones. During the dry season, you will have the opportunity to go diving in the caves. Finish the morning with a quick tour through a local farm to see what crops they grow in the region.

Dry Season: In the afternoon take a 1.5-hour boat ride through Anavilhanas National Park where you can see more wildlife on your way back to the lodge.

Flood Season: During the flood season enjoy lunch at the Madada Belvedere and relax in the afternoon. End your day with a hike to see the Tanimbuca Tree.

Day 4 – Canoe through the Castanheira Narrow River.

brazil-amazon-lodge-mirante-do-gaviaoEnjoy a healthy breakfast at the lodge before taking a 1.5-hour boat ride down the Castanheira Narrow River.  Here you will have the option to canoe down the calm river. In the afternoon, return to the lodge for a relaxing evening.

Day 5 – Sunrise, piranha fishing, visit the pink dolphins & depart.

Mirante Pink Dolphins-brazil-amazon-lodge

Go on a boat ride in the morning to Anavilhanas Archipelago to see sunrise in the Amazon. Here you will see colors like never before. Admire the wildlife as they awake and the jungle comes to life. Enjoy lunch at the lodge before heading back out to go fishing for vicious piranhas. Stop by a pink dolphin floating house on your way back to the lodge before your transfer to Manaus.  Reflect on your incredible 5-days in the Amazon and start dreaming about your next adventure.

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The 7 Best Things to do in Cuzco Peru

Insider Travel Guide
The Top 7 Things to do in Cuzco Peru

If you’re making your way through your South America bucket list with a visit to iconic Machu Picchu, then Cuzco will be your starting point. But don’t overlook this city as its own destination – Cuzco was the capital of the entire Incan Empire, and it’s well worth it to spend a couple of extra days here – it’s an extremely safe and welcoming city, very walkable, and radiating with charm. From every cobblestone street, there are sweeping views of cathedrals and little houses tucked far up into the rolling green hills for miles around. Not to mention a couple of days here will help you adjust to the altitude. So have some coca tea and get started exploring the 7 best things to do in Cuzco Peru, the city that is 11,000 feet high in the Peruvian Andes.

1. San Pedro Market – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things-to-do-in-cuzco-peruJust a short walk from the main Plaza de Armas, the huge San Pedro Market is a whirlwind of colors and flavors, full of locals and tourists alike. There is an entire row dedicated to fresh juice stands and another for its famous chicken broth, which lots of locals eat for breakfast. Start your morning by sitting at one of the small communal tables outside any of the breakfast stands and try some muna tea or hot chocolate made with cloves and cinnamon, then spend a couple of hours wandering the aisles. You’ll find everything from touristy souvenirs to local meat and cheese, coffee, and chocolate, little kiosks stuffed with spices and interesting odds and ends, and of course more authentic delicacies like cuy (guinea pig).

2. Choco Museo – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

Peru is famous for its cacao beans that other countries source for their chocolate, but the Choco Museo produces its own artisanal chocolate bars on-site – you’ll be able to smell this place a block before you arrive. Learn about the chocolate making process, from bean to bar in the free museum or try your hand at making your own at their chocolate workshop. Finally, make some hot chocolate and enjoy it with delicious snacks on the little balconies overlooking Plaza Regocijo.

3. The Temple of the Sun – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things-to-do-in-cuzco-peruQorikancha, the Temple of the Sun, was the most important temple in the Incan Empire. The Incas originally designed Cuzco in the shape of a puma, and Qorikancha lies at what was the puma tail (the ruins of Sacsayhuaman make up its head). The Spanish eventually destroyed it and its foundation was used to build the Church of Santo Domingo on top. Taking a walk through it today is like walking through the history of the overtaking – the stonework remnants of the foundations are mixed in with the colonial architecture of the church. The impeccable masonry of the Incas also withstood earthquakes that severely damaged the Spanish buildings.

4. Sacsayhuaman – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things-to-do-in-cuzco-peruThe ruins surrounding Cuzco, perched on top of the hills, are the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman (pronounced like “sexy woman”). Spend a couple of hours exploring these massive stone blocks complete with a stone slide, and have a picnic on the huge stretches of grass where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city below.

5. Museo del Pisco – The 7 Best Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things-to-do-in-cuzco-peruVisit Museo del Pisco at night for some tapas and pisco sour. This restaurant takes Peru’s national liquor seriously.  They offer tasting flights of pisco, and you can choose from hundreds of different varieties. Sign up for the pisco cocktail making classes, and pisco-chocolate pairings session for the ultimate experience.


6. Get a Massage – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things-to-do-in-cuzco-peruYou won’t be able to walk down the street in Cuzco without spas offering special discounts for massages. This primarily caters to the hiking crowds that have just returned from the Inca Trail, but you should take advantage of how cheap they are – we’re talking $10 USD for an hour-long Shiatsu massage.

7. Take a picture with a llama – Things to Do in Cuzco Peru

things to do in cuzco peruHave your picture taken holding a baby llama. The streets of Cuzco are filled with women dressed in traditional outfits holding their baby llamas.  The women walk around the city offering this as one of the most touristy traps in the city, but come on – it’s a baby llama!




Travel Testimonial of the Month: Amar and Neema’s Adventure to Peru

Travel Testimonial

This month’s travel testimonial comes from Amar and Neema who just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Peru. consultant, Martin Kaleta, worked with Amar and Neema to build an amazing adventure to Cuzco, Lima, the Sacred Valley, Huacachina, and the Amazon

Amar & Neema’s Travel Testimonial

Travel TestimonialWe had the time of our our lives and truly had such an AMAZING time. Words cannot express how much fun we had in beautiful Peru. The trip was perfect in every way. I can’t thank you enough for putting together such an incredible itinerary. It was exactly the adventure filled trip I wanted when I first inquired to South

The Guides & Hotels

The entire trip was very organized, all the local tour guides and hotel accommodations were excellent. We loved the convenience of everything from always having someone there waiting for us when we arrived to a new city to having our bus/train/plane
tickets already printed out for us for the next day. We also liked the flexibility of exploring the cities ourselves.


Travel TestimonialWe did several other excursions such as a tour of Huacachina Oasis in Ica (beautiful place), paragliding, gastronomic and beer tasting tour, and chocolate making tour at the Choco Museo in Lima. All of the excursions were incredible.

Memorable Highlights 

Travel TestimonialOur most memorable moments of the trip include cruising down the river in the Amazon rainforest during a big rainstorm, rock climbing/zip lining in the Sacred Valley (which was very challenging but so awesome), and lastly trekking up Machu Picchu Mountain (which was again challenging, but so worth the breathtaking views).

Markets & Restaurants

Travel TestimonialWe explored several markets during our free time in Cusco and Lima, including the market you recommended San Pedro. We also ate at some incredible restaurants throughout our trip and the food was amazing! Here are my top restaurant suggestions:
  • Saqra (Lima)
  • Las tejas (Lima)
  • Forja (Ica)
  • Cicciolina (Cusco)
  • Inka Grill (Cusco)
  • Tanupa (Sacred Valley)
  • Calle del Medio (Cusco)
  • La Bonbonniere (Lima)
Thank you again! We had the most amazing time in Peru and I would recommend this itinerary and to anyone!

A big thank you to Amar and Neema for sharing their adventure with us! 


New South America Travel Video featuring Argentina and Chile

Get Inspired to Travel with our New South America Travel Video

Travel Consultant, Jon Hillstead, recently went on a trip of a lifetime to Argentina & Chile. With a background in film and a sense of adventure, Jon made his dreams of traveling through the rugged region of Patagonia a reality. Click play and follow his fantastic journey through Buenos Aires, El Calafate, El Chalten, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, Casablanca Valley, and San Pedro de Atacama! You won’t want to miss this video!

Sit back, relax and start dreaming!

Cinematography Tips – South America Travel Video

  • Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Silver
  • Accessories: Helmet strap, tripod 3-way arm.
  • Edited with FinalCut Pro software

South America Travel Video Highlights

El Chalten, Argentina –  The fall colors in El Chalten were unlike anything Jon had seen before. The yellows and oranges left him speechless. Jon and Jake spent 1 day in El Chalten to do the Laguna Torre hike. Next time they will allow for at least 3 full days in El Chalten so that they can complete the Mount Fitz Roy hike.

The W-Trek & Eco Camp in Torres del Paine, Chile  – Jon and Jake spent 3 nights at Eco Camp in Torres del Paine. Eco Camp is a great option for travelers that do not have time to plan a trip to TDP and want to relax and enjoy nature. Eco Camp takes care of all the transfers, activities, food and accommodations during your stay in the park. One of Jon’s highlights in Torres del Paine was practicing yoga in the yoga dome during the moon rise.

The Argentine Experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Argentine Experience is a fun and entertaining way to get a feel for the Argentine culture. Jon recommends doing this at the beginning of your trip so that you can understand and appreciate the country’s food and culture throughout your vacation. Jon and Jake loved meeting other like-minded travelers from around the world and sharing travel tales.

Big Ice Trek in El Calafate, Argentina – The Big Ice Trek was a full day excursion but well worth it. Hiking on a glacier is simply incredible, “you feel like you are on another planet,” said Jon.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – By combining Patagonia and San Pedro de Atacama you can see the drastic change in geography from the northern to southern regions of Chile. Chile is 4,270 km (2,653 mi) long. Jon recommends visiting the region after Patagonia and finishing your vacation in a warm environment.

Singular Patagonia Hotel, Chile – Jon and Jake enjoyed some of their favorite meals in South America at the Singular Patagonia. The service was top notch and the hotel grounds were simply beautiful.

Travel Tip – If you’re going to hike in Torres del Paine, plan ahead and allow 4 full days in the park. The weather really is as volatile as people say.

Start planning your own South America Adventure. Visit us online at and check out some of our recommended Patagonia Tours.


Go on a Brazil and Peru tour this Summer

If you are visiting South America for a few weeks, Brazil and Peru are without a doubt the power couple of the continent and should be at the top of your list. Now you can easily combine a trip to both countries! Read on for 5 reasons why we recommend going on a Brazil and Peru tour this summer.  

#1. Combining Brazil and Peru has never been easier!


Seamlessly connect Brazil and Peru with Iguazu Falls. Iguazu Falls is a must-see destination in South America and was recently named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. LAN and TAM offer direct flights to Iguazu Falls from Lima, Rio de Janeiro, and other major cities. Explore the contrasts of South America, travel from the white sandy beaches of Brazil to Iguazu Falls and finish with the Inca ruins in Peru. 

#2. See the Highlights of Brazil

If you are visiting Brazil for a few weeks, definitely make sure to see: 


  • Iguazu Falls – Visit the world’s largest waterfalls extending over 2.7 kilometers (1.67 miles) and stand in awe as you admire the 275 falls dominating the region.  
  • Rio de Janeiro – See the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, famous for the beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and dramatic green mountains. You’ll leave Rio wanting more. 
  • The Amazon – Visit the vast Amazon Jungle in Brazil to see diverse flora and fauna. Spot the macaw, caiman, monkey, toucan, sloth and maybe even the jaguar. Choose between an Amazon cruise or a lodge. 

#3. See the Highlights of Peru

If you are visiting Peru for a few weeks, definitely make sure to see: 


  • Machu Picchu – Follow the trail of the Incan people to the mysterious Machu Picchu, a perplexing and spiritual destination. 
  • Colca Canyon – See the Andean Condor, and admire the world’s largest flying bird with a wingspan that can reach up to 3.2 meters (10 feet).  
  • The Amazon – Fly from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonaldo to easily combine the famous Incan ruins with the jungle. Look for macaws, caiman, monkeys and more as you dive into the Amazon. 
  • The Lake Titicaca – Visit the floating reed islands where the indigenous Uru people still live.  Cruise around the highest commercially navigable lake in the world and the largest lake in South America.

#4. Take Advantage of Limited Travel Specials! 


Spring Special! Take advantage of our Spring Special promotion where you can get 20% off your Brazil and Peru Tour if you travel from May 1st through July 31st, 2016. 

Brazil Visa Waiver: To top it all off, Brazil has temporarily waived visa requirements for citizens of the US, Canada, and Japan. You can travel to and from Brazil visa-free starting June 1st until September 18th.  All you need is your valid passport!

#5. Recommended Brazil and Peru Tours

Scroll through our most popular Brazil and Peru Tours. Then contact us and we can customize the perfect tour.  

  • brazil-and-peru-tourWORLD WONDERS OF SOUTH AMERICA

    Our World Wonders of South America tour allows you to see the best highlights including, Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro. This tour is the perfect introduction to South America, especially if you only have a few weeks to travel. 

  • brazil-and-peru-tourFrom Machu Picchu to Rio de Janeiro tour  

    This is a comprehensive tour that takes you on one of the most scenic trips in South America, hitting breathtaking landscapes through different countries such as Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. 

Start planning your custom Brazil and Peru tour today! Get started online at