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Animals of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world, expanding through Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela. The region features various microclimates and millions of species, in fact, one in ten species on Earth are in the Amazon.  If you are thinking about going on an Amazon Rainforest Tour, here are some of the diverse animals of the Amazon that you can expect to encounter.

5. Amazon River Dolphin
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest


The Amazon River Dolphin is #5 on our list of Animals of the Amazon Rainforest, these friendly creatures, also known as the pink dolphin, lives only in fresh water in the Amazon Rivers. If you are interested in seeing these river dolphins, we recommend taking an Amazon River cruise, such as the Tucano.  The Tucano River Cruise takes you along the Rio Negro and takes you far into the dense forest where you can see the diversity of the flora and fauna.

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4. Giant River Otter
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest


The largest otter in the world, the giant river otter, can grow up to six feet long. It lives only in the Amazon, the Orinoco, and the La Plata River. They have powerful tails and webbed feet that allow them to swim quickly through the water. Giant river otters were hunted to near extinction, so they are now a rare species in the Amazon with a population of only a few thousand. However, a keen eye can sometimes spot their dens burrowed into the banks of the river or underneath fallen logs. They primarily eat fish and travel and hunt in small family groups.


3. Caiman
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest

caiman animals of the Amazon RainforestThe Caiman is another river dwelling reptile related to alligators and crocodiles, found in much of South America, dwarf caiman, a smaller species, are most common in the Amazon. Due to their camouflage coloring, caimans will often see you before you see them. They often submerge their bodies completely and have just their eyes above the surface, and sometimes they look like a floating log. The Caiman is probably one of the most famous animals in the Amazon, don’t be surprised if you see one along the riverbanks.


2. Monkeys
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest


One real advantage of exploring the Amazon is the animals you can see up close, like adorable squirrel monkeys, one of a myriad of different species of monkeys that inhabit the Amazon. There’s also a good chance of seeing or hearing intimidating howler monkeys, or tiny, wise-looking tamarins. One thing to remember is that the Amazon is not a zoo, so you might have to look harder to spot the animals. We always recommend going on a guided night walk to hear and feel the Amazon Rainforest.

1. Parrots, and Tucans, and Macaws, Oh my!
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest


Coming in at #1 are the birds of the Amazon Rainforest.  If the Amazon is anything, it’s a bird watcher’s paradise! From stunning macaws in blue, red, green, to charismatic toucans, there are all kinds of fabulous feathered creatures to see soaring through the canopy. If you are in the Peruvian Amazon, look for the clay licks, where hundreds of parrots and macaws gather along large banks of clay. The Amazon is world famous for nature lovers, but also for bird lovers.

To plan your trip to the Amazon to see all these amazing creatures yourself, check out our Amazon Tours online or contact us directly at 1-800747-4540.

animals of the amazon

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