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Best Tango Shows in Buenos Aires – Open the door to Argentina’s heart and soul at one of our recommended Tango Shows.

No trip to Buenos Aires would be complete without spending an evening at a Tango Show. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal where the wine is always flowing and let the performers captivate you with their elegance and style. Here are the 3 Best Tango Shows in Buenos Aires.

1. La Ventana – Entertaining/Authentic Tango Show

best-tango-showsIf you only have a limited time in Argentina, I recommend La Ventana. This show gives you a feel for Argentina as a whole and is ideal for travelers that want to see more than just tango. La Ventana combines tango, folklore, gaucho and Andean music in one entertaining performance.
Upon arrival, choose between sitting on the balcony or the main floor. The smaller intimate setting gives for a romantic dining experience and a more dynamic show as the performers interact with the audience. If you are traveling with children, La Ventana will keep them entertained.
La Ventana also offers a VIP Tango Show, with renowned dancers and the best musicians.

2. Tango Porteño – Modern Tango Show

best-tango-showsTango Porteño is for the modern traveler looking for a grand Broadway-style tango production. At Tango Porteño, you will be in awe of the different and ever changing backdrops as the dancers move across the large stage. This show highlights the sexy “Golden Age of Tango” from the 1940’s. It combines the classic beauty of tango with modern culture and tradition, highlighting the passion behind the Porteño culture.
Take a step back in time as you set foot in the large luxurious movie theater from the 1920’s. It comes with a lounge and private salon for VIP tables. Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal of your choosing and fine wines. Sit back and let the performance draw you in with the elegant dancing, live orchestra, stage changes, wardrobes and more.

3. Esquina Carlos Gardel – Romantic Tango Show

best-tango-showsThe upscale Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show is perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one. The ambiance of the small intimate stage in a grand theater ballroom makes for an elegant environment. If you are familiar with Tango, this is the show for you. After your exquisite 3-course meal, sit back and enjoy the show as the performers draw you in. Sip on a cafe or continue with the endless wine. Enjoy the classic, yet modern display of tango as the dancers move with romance and energy. The orchestra at Esquina Carlos Gardel is said to be the most fabulous in town.
The show is dedicated to one of Buenos Aires’s Legends of Tango, Carlos Gardel himself. If you’re looking for a VIP experience, ask us about their VIP program where you’ll enjoy a different menu and an improved selection of wines.

Buenos Aires is a great starting or ending point for any tour in Argentina. Contact us today and let our travel consultants plan the perfect tour and tango show in Argentina, or take a look at some of our Recommended Argentina Tours.

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