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Read Travel Consultant, Jason Mayo’s first hand recommendations for combining an inland landscape tour with an island¬†cruise. ¬†Experience incredible scenery¬†¬†and diverse wildlife on your Ecuador to Galapagos Islands Tour.

Quito Ecuador –¬†The Middle of the World¬†

Ecuador to GalapagosQuito, Ecuador is the perfect starting point for any¬†Ecuador to Galapagos Islands Tour. ¬†The first thing I noticed when I arrived to Quito were¬†the incredible highland landscapes of Ecuador. ¬†If you drive through the city you’ll see the lights¬†illuminating all the¬†nooks and ridges of the mountains – it is stunning. ¬†¬†My initial impression of Ecuador was that its true charm was in the¬†beautiful landscapes.

Quito is known as the¬†Middle of The World. ¬†This is a must see tourist destination,¬†which is both interesting but fun. People are¬†particularly intrigued by the fact that the water rotates clockwise just one meter from the¬†the equator, the counter-clockwise on the¬†other side of the equator and then on the equator the water¬†does not¬†rotate at all. ¬†This is a¬†question I’ve been asked since I initially moved to¬†South America, and luckily I have finally¬†put that question to bed. ¬†Fun Fact, you can also balance an egg on a flat surface; pretty exciting revelations!

Galapagos Islands

While Quito is a beautiful city to visit, it is also the perfect stop over city on your way to the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador to Galapagos

Keep in mind, when you arrive at the Galapagos‚Äô Baltra airport, it is deceptive. ¬†Yes, the water is beautiful, but I was left wondering,¬†“how is this such a hotbed of wildlife with the land being so dry?” ¬†However, you will quickly be¬†overwhelmed by the amount¬†and diversity of wildlife here. ¬†Literally every step I encountered different animals ranging from¬†tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, flamingoes, and that is just a fraction of the animals. ¬†My favorite part of the trip, was the snorkeling. ¬†The colors and variety of the fish was astonishing. ¬†Do not miss out on snorkeling during¬†your¬†Ecuador to Galapagos Islands tour.

The Coral Cruises

The beauty of an Ecuador to Galapagos tour¬†is that you can pair your travels with a short cruise. ¬†We offer 4 different Galapagos Islands Coral Cruises¬†that range from¬†4-5 nights. My cruise experience was spectacular and incredibly well organized. The guides were knowledgable, the food was delicious, and the schedule was a perfect balance of activities and down time. Don’t¬†be surprised if you meet¬†a lot of friendly travellers on the boat. ¬†This is a great opportunity to share your own South America traveling tails. ¬†By the end of my¬†trip everyone was chatting as if they‚Äôd known each other for much longer than four days and we cherished sharing¬†this¬†magical experience together.Ecuador to Galapagos


Devil’s Nose Train

Devils Nose Train Ecuador

After your cruise, you most likely you will not want your Ecuador to Galapagos tour to end.  Continue exploring the Ecuador mainland by train. I highly recommend taking the Devil’s Nose Train ride to Cuenca.   Take the train to Cuenca, Ecuador and visit The Heart of Ecuador. The colonial architecture combined with nature the numerous rivers that run through the city makes for a wonderful city to spend a couple of days in.  Read about the Best Things To Do in Cuenca Ecuador.

Looking back at my time in Ecuador, I am very nostalgic. And while the Galapagos was one of the most amazing places I had ever visited, some of the best memories came from the Ecuador mainland as well. I would highly recommend an Ecuador to Galapagos Islands Tour for your next travel destination!Ecuador to Galapagos

If you’d like to go on the¬†perfect combination tour from¬†Ecuador to¬†Galapagos Islands,¬†talk to one of our travel consultants. ¬†We will show you¬†how to combine the best Ecuador Mainland tour with a¬†Galapagos Islands Cruise.

Jason Mayo

My name is Jason Mayo and I am an American from Connecticut. I studied at Colgate University and received a degree in Philosophy. After college, I realized that I had spent most of my life in an environment where people had very similar experiences and ideology. I had travelled with my family to Europe once as well as to Canada and Jamaica with my friends in college, but I knew that I understood so little about the world and other cultures. I travelled on my own to Buenos Aires, Argentina without speaking a word of Spanish and it has been an incredible journey ever since. Travelling throughout South America has forever changed my life for the better. My favorite places in South America up to this point have been the Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. I look forward to continuing on my journey throughout South America, and helping anyone who has a similar dream.
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