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Travel Consultant, Diego Silva, recently went on a trip to Iguazu Falls.  He visited both the Brazilian side and the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls. Read on for Diego’s first-hand account of the Best Iguazu Falls Tours.

iguazu Falls Tours

Iguassu, Iguazu, Iguaçu. No matter what spelling you use, it won’t change the fact that these falls are one of the most spectacular natural wonders that South America has to offer. And no trip to South America would be complete if you didn’t check out Iguazu Falls. The falls are divided into two national parks, one is located in Argentina and the other in Brazil, making them a great way to combine a multi-country tour.

The Brazilian Side – Iguazu Falls Tours

The Brazilian side of the falls is where all iPhone masters can use their panoramic camera feature.  Here you can admire a 360-degree view of the falls. This side of the park offers incredible views of the “devil’s throat,” which is where 50% of the falls’ water flows from. Because of the stunning features presented, Iguaçu National Park is more condensed than its twin in Argentina. However, that wouldn’t stop you from seeing the top of the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. So grin and bear the crowds, because this side of the falls is certainly worth visiting.

Iguazu Falls Tours

If you’re looking for a quiet visit to the falls, then sign up for one of our half day private tours.  At the end of the trip, check out the cute bird-park also located in Foz do Iguassu.

Check out our Rio to Iguazu Falls Tour for more information on combining Brazil and Iguazu Falls.

The Argentine Side – Iguazu Falls Tours

After all this talk about the Brazilian side of the falls, have you forgotten about the Argentine side? Well, don’t! This side is just as impressive and extensive. The Argentine side of Iguazú National Park provides walkways that are located on both upper and lower levels, offering a wide variety of viewpoints from multiple angles.

One great tour I recommend is a boat tour that takes you under the falls.  From the boat, you will enjoy an impressive view of the national park from a new perspective. Make sure to pack a protective camera case because everything in the boat will be soaked by the end. This was one of the most thrilling boat rides I have ever experienced and I highly recommend this excursion for any adventure seeker.    

Iguazu Falls Tours

Speaking of Paradise – Iguazu Falls Tours

If you still aren’t convinced that you need to visit Iguazu Fall, then picture this: a spectacular and complex system of water, with numerous waterfalls spreading through a wild luscious forest, a complete rainbow forming in the distance, flora and fauna coming together and birds flying above. A vision of paradise. How could you not go?

How to Get There – Iguazu Falls Tours

You can reach Iguazu Falls by air from both Brazil and Argentina. There are daily flights from Buenos Aires with LATAM Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas. From the Brazilian side, you can fly directly from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Daily flights are also available with GOL and LATAM.

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Diego Silva

Diego Silva

My name is Diego and I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I have always been passionate about traveling since very little and when I turned 19 I decided to travel all around South America, going first to Peru, then Ecuador and living for almost a year in Santiago de Chile. While living there I had the opportunity to travel all around the country from the desert in north Chile to Patagonia in the very South, then visited Buenos Aires and fell in love of city where I’m currently living. Here I’m helping out travelers all around the world to put together their ideal trip throughout this amazing continent. My favorite places definitely are the Lake region in Argentina and The National Park Torres del Paine where any picture taken can’t go wrong. You can contact him at our Buenos Aires sales office or by email at Diego.S(at)SouthAmerica(dot)travel.
Diego Silva
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