The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Dinner with Red Wine 300x265 The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos AiresSteak lovers who are lucky enough to visit Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, will have come to the right place. By the time evening comes around, you are likely to start looking for the best “parrilla” (steak house) in town, in order to enjoy the world famous Argentine beef in the best steak restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Argentina´s most popular meal is the “asado” or “parrillada”, a mixed grill of steak and a variety of other cuts, including meat and sausages.

Restaurants that specialize in this kind of food are known as “parrillas”, and you can find hundreds of them throughout the city of Buenos Aires.

Located in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods most popular with tourists, here is our pick of the best five steak restaurants in Buenos Aires:

La Cabrera

One of the most popular restaurants amongst tourists, this restaurant – located in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo – is usually extremely busy, so it is paramount to make a reservation. But rest assured that it is popular for a reason: La Cabrera takes pride it its quality steaks in generous sizes that guarantee its status as one of the best steak restaurants in town.

La Brigada

If you want to try a more traditional take on the Argentine parrilla, then you´ll need to visit the bohemian and historical neighborhood of San Telmo. La Brigada offers excellent food and great service, but if you want to eat for a little less, you could try El Desnivel, also located in San Telmo. Outside of the restaurants, you might come across tango dancers in the cobbled streets, giving you a taste of Buenos Aires’ other great claim to fame.

ba PuertoMadero 300x195 The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos AiresCabaña Las Lilas

If you are looking for an upscale steak house, this is the one. It is among the oldest in Puerto Madero, the exclusive neighborhood located in the regenerated docklands area, full of attractive converted brick warehouses and gleaming high-rises where the rich and famous live.

La Dorita

If you are traveling with someone who´s not such a steak aficionado, then you should try La Dorita, a chain of four restaurants located in three different neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires

Argentina asado 200x300 The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos Aires

(Palermo, Centro and Belgrano), which offer not only excellent steaks, but also pasta, salads and other vegetarian options.

Don Julio

Located in Palermo, this family owned parrilla offers excellent food, reasonable prices and great wines, which makes it one of the best steak restaurants in this neighborhood. This can also get very busy, but the friendly staff will ease any waiting time with a glass of bubbly as you try to choose which of the delicious cuts you’ll have.

If reading about the best steak restaurants in Buenos Aires has your mouth watering, maybe you should start planning your trip to Argentina! We’ve got loads on information about Buenos Aires tours as well as the other highlights of Argentina in our free Argentina Travel Guide.

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 The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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 The Top 5 Best Steak Restaurants in Buenos Aires

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