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Salar de Uyuni are the largest salt flats in the world! The landscapes are otherworldly, remote, and beautiful, perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit and passion for photography. Read travel consultant Jason Mayo’s experience on a Uyuni Salt Flats tour.

uyuni salt flat toursDay 1: Arrival in Bolivia

Upon arrival in La Quiaca, Bolivia, we were immediately fascinated by the culture and hospitality of the locals. When a local family invited us into their home, we learned pretty quickly that Bolivians were some of the nicest people we had encountered. They prepared a delicious meal and treated us like family. We couldn’t help but notice that despite the impoverished living conditions, in comparison to our lives in Buenos Aires, they were extremely proud of their country. It was incredibly refreshing to meet people that were grateful for what they had, instead of always searching for more.

Getting to the Uyuni – Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

We took an overnight train from La Quiaca (the border of Argentina & Bolivia) to Uyuni and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the train ride. It may not have been luxurious, but it was very comfortable. With a blanket on our laps, we drifted to sleep. When the train came to a stop, we transferred to our hotel in Uyuni. 

Day 2: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

The next morning, we embarked on the adventure that we came for! As soon as we started traversing the salt flats, it became obvious how vast they were. At one point in the day, we could only see the horizon in each direction – everything else was white. On the first day, we visited the Isla Incahuasi, an island jutting out from the salt flats. It is covered in cacti and provided an exceptional, elevated view of the Uyuni salt flats. We had a picnic there and ended our day in the Hotel Tayka del Sal – the unique hotel made of salt.

Day 3: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour & the Lagoons

Uyuni Salt Flat ToursOn our second day, before we headed to the famous lagoons, we stopped to have a typical Uyuni photo-shoot! We took a variety of pictures using perspective tricks to our advantage. Your guide doubles as a photographer for this event. I recommend taking some fun things with you By the end of our session; we had photos that blew the minds of our friends and family! 

When people think of Uyuni, they only think of the Salt Flats. However, there is so much more to see! By the time we reached the end of the Uyuni Salt Flats tour, we had entered another place that called for taking photos. We suddenly felt as though we had transported to the moon, surrounding us was a combination of craters and reddish-orange earth. You may as well have considered us a part of Matt Damon’s non-existent crew in the movie, “The Martian.” I did not expect the lagoons to be so colorful, but the deep blue and red colors took my breath away. After seeing the lagoons in person, there’s no mistaking why those are their names! The blue is just as vibrant as the red and makes for a great experience.

After such a long day with many jaw-dropping landscapes and sites, we were exhausted. The Hotel Tayka del Desierto was a peaceful place to relax. Located perfectly in the middle of nowhere, it featured clear views of the desert landscape and provided delicious food. As we watched the sunset ending a great day, we were ready for another fantastic day to follow.

Day 5: Save the Best for Last

When you’re in Uyuni, it’s as if each day gets better than the previous one. That being said, the final day was my favorite and started with an incredible site – El Arbol de Piedra (the Stone Tree). This is a rock formation that has been so worn down over the decades that it looks like a tree. From there, we went to what is called the “Dali Desert” because of its uncanny resemblance to Salvador Dali’s paintings. Finally, we arrived at the most amazing of all the lagoons – the green lagoon. Triumphing over the red and blue lagoon, the color of the green lagoon was so beautiful, it was toxic! What a marvelous site it was to end our journey. As we crossed the border to Chile and hugged our guide goodbye, we knew we’d never forget this incredible destination.

Bolivia Stone Tree Uyuni Salt Flat Tours

Packing Tips for Uyuni

Make sure you have all your toiletries and medications that you will need while traveling. There are few places to stop for supplies on this tour!

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Windproof jacket & lighter jacket – it get’s very cold at night
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable Trekking Shoes

Are you mesmerized by Jason’s trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats? If so, don’t hesitate in contacting one of our experienced travel consultants today to plan a trip to Bolivia. We can modify any itinerary making your journey specially custom-made for you.


Jason Mayo

My name is Jason Mayo and I am an American from Connecticut. I studied at Colgate University and received a degree in Philosophy. After college, I realized that I had spent most of my life in an environment where people had very similar experiences and ideology. I had travelled with my family to Europe once as well as to Canada and Jamaica with my friends in college, but I knew that I understood so little about the world and other cultures. I travelled on my own to Buenos Aires, Argentina without speaking a word of Spanish and it has been an incredible journey ever since. Travelling throughout South America has forever changed my life for the better. My favorite places in South America up to this point have been the Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. I look forward to continuing on my journey throughout South America, and helping anyone who has a similar dream.
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