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Last updated on August 5th, 2019 at 11:36 am

Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach

Brazil is rich in culture and history and known for its tropical climate and breathtaking region of the Amazon Rainforest. There is no denying that taking a vacation to this country is a memorable experience. Regardless if you’re traveling solo, going with friends, or heading out on a family trip, check out these tips for planning your Brazilian vacation to ensure you make the most of it.


#1. Plan Your Travel Documents Well in Advance

A person writing in a planner their thoughts of where they want to travel to within Brazil

The first step to touring Brazil is to make sure you have all your travel documents in place. There is nothing worse than canceling the vacation of a lifetime due to lack of documentation. Depending on where you’re traveling from, Brazil tourist visas may be required. A tourist visa is legal for up to 90 days at a time. So you’ll have plenty of time to explore the country. Be sure to prepare the visa a few weeks before departure. Luckily, people traveling from Australia, Canada, Japan, or the United States no longer need a tourist visa to enter Brazil.

To enter Brazil, travelers’ passports need to be valid for at least 6 months after your travel date. Be sure to check the expiration date on your passport when you are beginning to plan a trip, and allocate enough time to renew. Also, we highly recommend taking photos and making copies of your passport. These copies will suffice while traveling around Brazil, allowing you to leave the original passport locked away in the hotel safe.


#2. Understand What You’ll Be Spending

Taking a tour of Brazil is an amazing experience but it can be costly. Therefore, it is important to plan your budget well in advance. Many vacationers get the most value for their trip by booking customized travel packages to Brazil. A fully-custom personal itinerary may be costly but the value of your trip will exceed your expectations. By pre-planning every detail with an expert, you will be able to seamlessly experience everything you want to see during your trip. Therefore, we recommend you consult with an expert Travel Consultant who will focus on your interests.

While traveling costs money, it will make you richer in cultural experiences and appreciation of the world. The memories, knowledge, and understanding that visitors gain while traveling are unparalleled.


#3. Stay Safe During Your Trip


When traveling to another country, it is important to know the cultural differences and general precautions to ensure your safety. For example, like in any other major city, there are fast drivers in Brazil that may not precisely follow traffic rules. In addition, private transportation, whether through public or vehicle rentals can be a stressful and sometimes unreliable process. While walking without proper knowledge of the city layout could leave you in an undesirable neighborhood. One of the biggest perks to guided tours is preplanned transportation and routes. You are guaranteed a safe and timely arrival to all destinations. As with any new country, simply be aware of your surroundings and read up on the cultural norms before you arrive.


#4. Book Plenty of Guided Tours

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the best way to see the country is on your own. Guided Brazil tours are not only safer but more fun. Your guides are experts in the lay of the land, whether you’re visiting the city of Rio or trekking through the Amazon Jungle. Guided tours allow you to see exactly what you want without all the guesswork. Experts can help you communicate with others, obey cultural “laws” in the cities, and find the hidden gems you’ve been dying to see. Hiring a reputable guide is the only way to ensure you have a truly authentic experience, as well as coincide all of your interests into one amazing Brazil tour package.


#5. Research the Cuisine of the Region

A table with five different Brazilian dishes

Researching will allow you to get a better idea of what type of cuisine is commonly eaten in Brazil. However, beans and rice are the staple ingredients in almost everything that Brazilians eat. For an immersive experience into Brazil’s food scene, consider our Ultimate Brazilian Food & Wine Tour, featuring Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and São Roque!

If you are someone on a special diet, such as gluten allergies, we recommend consulting an expert Travel Consultant. They will be able to advise the best way to accommodate your dietary restrictions during your trip. Also, letting your guide know ahead of time will ensure all meals provided match your diest restrictions. In terms of eating out, some restaurants may cater to special diets, however, it is best to call ahead and ask.


#6. Create Your itinerary Well in Advance 

If you go to Brazil with the idea of “winging it,” you’ll likely waste time trying to decide where to go and what to do, especially if you’re in a large group that can’t agree. Booking in advance ensures plenty of activity in all the right places. If you are on a short timeline, creating a custom tour is recommended. With expert advice, you can explore the highlights of the Amazon and the Pantanal Wetlands, the colonial mining towns of Minas Gerias, and experience the big cities with upscale beaches and nightclubs in one tour package. Travel Consultants can also help you determine which areas are family-friendly, which are best for singles, and so on so that nobody feels left out.


Whether you want to hike the mountains or laze about in the waves, learn about small-town life or head to the big city, custom Brazil packages from a reputable tour guide company is the best way to see the country and enjoy your vacation of a lifetime.