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Last updated on January 2nd, 2019 at 01:56 pm


Considering a trip to Antarctica, South Georgia or the Falkland Islands? Now is your chance to book these remote and pristine locations, and save some money too! We have a select number of sailings on offer for up to 35% off. But don’t wait too long, as the first departures shove off the 6th of November.

Deal #1 – Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula

Our first special features an incredible journey at a huge discount. This 20-day cruise departs Puerto Madryn on November 6th aboard the m/v Ortelius (pictured above), returning to Ushuaia, Argentina on November 25th.  You can book a place onboard for just US$9,480. This tour includes an array of wildlife and breathtaking natural scenery. You can search the sky for a giant albatross, the land for six different species of penguins, and don’t forget about the enormous elephant seal!

 Deal #2 – Weddell Sea – Emperor Penguin Voyage (including helicopters)

Aptenodytes_forsteri_-Snow_Hill_Island,_Antarctica_-adults_and_juvenile-8_optThis very special sailing offers the opportunity to get up close to Emperor Penguin rookeries via ship-to-shore helicopter transport. Departing from Ushuaia on November 25th aboard the m/v Ortelius, this 11-day voyage offers three solid days of penguin pursuit before returning to port on December 5th. Unfortunately, penguins cannot always be guaranteed due to the unpredictable weather of the region. However, these expeditions are typically successful at achieving their chosen objective. How does it work? The ship captain navigates the broken ice to position the vessel just offshore. After a quick chopper ride and a 45-minute hike, you will have the chance to live a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience of observing an Emperor Penguin rookery. This excursion is currently listed at 32% off, meaning you can book your place for just US$8,950.

Additional Deals

Book a Superior Cabin aboard the m/v Plancius (sister ship to the Ortelius) for the price of a Twin! This 19-day cruise of the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica departs Ushuaia December 1st, returning on the 19th. The 31% discount gives you the opportunity to experience the end of the world from the comforts of your luxury cabin for US$12,100.

Ever heard of the Ross Sea Expedition? This is a truly remarkable voyage and certainly the most thorough exploration of Antarctica that we know of. The 31-day expedition aboard the m/v Ortelius departs New Zealand on February 11th and pulls into Ushuaia on March 13th. During that time, you’ll have the chance to take helicopters onto the Antarctic Peninsula in order to enjoy a wide array of sights and activities. The trip can currently be booked with no surcharge, although that figures to be just a tiny portion of the overall cost — this is one expensive voyage! Contact us for prices and additional information.