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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Back to School Travel Planning Guide

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Parents! You’ve made it through another long, hot summer where it must have seemed at times as though school, would never start up again.

But alas, September is upon us and you deserve a brief respite while the kids head back to the classroom. With summer vacations in the rearview and the holiday crush still a safe distance away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the ideal family adventure for breaks during the school year. Check out our back to school travel planning guide.

Chances are the wintertime is rather chilly wherever you’re at, and the thought of going somewhere warm to thaw out for a few days sounds appealing. South America is an excellent destination for those looking to turn up the heat. It’s summertime for most of the continent just as much of the northern hemisphere is locked in a deep freeze. We here at challenge you and your family to push yourselves beyond the typical Hawaiian or Mexican mid-winter getaway. Think big! Think South America! Follow along with us as we take a look at South American destinations the entire family can enjoy.

The Amazon River and Rainforest

canoes-shore_optNothing shouts ‘fun for the whole family’ like a trip to the Amazon rainforest. Along with an unlimited supply of sun and heat, the list of fun activities is endless.  The entire family will enjoy exploring the exotic plants and wildlife exclusive to this vast region. There are many great options for places to stay in the Amazon. Today, we’ll take a look at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, located on the Rio Negro.

The lodge contains 16 suites, all with air-conditioning, a fridge, hot water and private porch. Kids can choose from a variety of activities including alligator spotting, piranha fishing and swimming with pink dolphins. There are interactive classes like the one that teaches kids how to make bows and arrows just as the native tribes of the region do. There are also standard lodge activities such as a pool and gaming center for downtime. Families will enjoy the excursions into the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world! Strike out in a canoe together to search for macaws and parrots. Take the boat out in the evening to listen to the sounds of the Amazon together. Families can also visit local villages to learn about the customs and lifestyle of native people and view the work of local craftsmen.

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The Galapagos Islands

Outings GSC (16)_optWhat could be better for kids than to travel to the place referred to as a “living laboratory” by Charles Darwin himself? It may be a considerable trek for any family to finally arrive at the Galapagos Islands, but everyone we talk to agrees — it’s worth it! Families can keep the action coming by island-hopping each day in order to see the wide variety of rare and exotic plants and animals the islands are home to. As a guest, you’ll want to spend a little time relaxing on one of the many white sands or black volcanic sand beaches. When it’s time to start exploring, groups enjoy hiking to nature reserves and scenic viewpoints across the various islands.

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Snorkeling is another popular activity as the variety of sea life, reefs, and clear water makes for ideal viewing conditions. Cruises that tour the islands offer Family Departure Dates and a variety of activities children. Kids can dye shirts and make other handcrafts, pay a visit to the bridge to hang out with the Captain, go stargazing in the evenings and even play Wii video games once they’ve exhausted all other options.


Think big! Think South America.

Back to School Travel Planning Guide