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Best Places to Travel with Kids in South America

If you have young kids, but still love to travel, there’s no reason to put those travel plans on hold, instead, it is quite the contrary. Introducing children to new corners of the world is a great way to open their mind to new cultures.  Instead of thinking that traveling with children is a challenge, consider planning ahead and organizing a trip with your kids in mind.

Here are 3 of the best places to travel with kids in South America.

Let’s go!

#1. Plan a Peru Tour with your Kids


Peru comes in at #1 for the best place to travel with kids in South America. So naturally the first question would be, ‘what can you see and do in Peru”? Explore colorful markets, meet friendly locals, enjoy great food, pet llamas/vicunas and maybe even spot the Andean condors (flying in the Colca Canyon).

These are sure to capture any kids attention! Peruvians are very kind-hearted people that welcome tourists and children! The Latin culture as a whole loves kids, making Peru a great country to travel to with your children!

best-places-to-travel-with-kids-in-south-americaMake sure to visit the Choco Museum in Cuzco (or in Lima) to learn everything about the cacao process and make your own chocolate! Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley are also a must. On the way to the Sacred Valley, visit a nearby farm with various species of llamas and vicunas. You can touch them, feed them, and by the end of the day, don’t be surprised if you want to take one home with you.  

Will you be traveling with teenagers? No problem! There are plenty of outdoor activities that they can choose from in Peru. From horseback riding to mountain biking, rafting, zip lining and more! For the most adventurous, consider one night at the Skylodge, where you sleep in a capsule 1300 feet in the air!

Amazon - best places to travel with kidsThe Amazon also has a special place for the little kids: Refugio Amazonas in Puerto Maldonado offers a unique program for your children, to awaken them to the forest and ecology through the story of a little girl called Ania. For the older ones, the lodge offers an All You Want program where you have access to activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, night safari’s to spot caimans, a visit to the parrot clay lick and more!

It is easy to see why Peru is #1 on our list of the Best Places to Travel with Kids in South America.

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# 2. Plan a trip to Colombia with your Kids


Colombia is a small country and super easy to travel to from the United States making it #2 on our list of best places to travel with kids in South America. Consider visiting the coffee region. As a family, learn how coffee is grown and made into that classic beverage we all know and desire. There’s so much to do here. Spend some time visiting the coffee park or the butterfly park.

Horseback ride in Cocora Valley amidst the huge palm trees, or zip line over the coffee plantations. The region is perfect for the whole family and offers not only outdoor activities but also cultural excursions. Stay in a Hotel in the middle of nature and your children will have enough space to run around in the gardens while you are taking a siesta. I recommend staying at Hacienda Cumbia. It’s close to Pereira and child-friendly, offering many activities for young ones.

best-places-to-travel-with-kids-in-south-americaTeenagers will love Medellin! Medellin is rich in cultural history, as it is the city that gave Pablo Escobar his fame. Take a ride on the cable car, explore the artistic graffiti on a city tour,  or visit the market where some Colombian goods might catch your interest. And of course, you must visit Guatape. Its picturesque streets and famous rock surrounded by lakes “Piedra del Arbol” are perfect for a souvenir picture.

best-places-to-travel-with-kids-in-south-americaAnother spectacular reason that Colombia is on the list of The Best Places to Travel with Kids in South America is that beach time is always a fabulous option. Cartagena and its historical center is an ideal beach destination. It’s safe, beautiful and a vibrantly colorful area. From there, take a full-day excursion to the Rosario Islands where you can snorkel or visit the bird sanctuary.

If you want an off the beaten path adventure, bring your family to fish with local fishermen at a nearby village!

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#3. Plan an Argentina Vacation with your Kids


Last but not least on our list of the Best Places to Travel with Kids in South America is Argentina.

Argentina is full of activities whether you’re a kid or an adult! The popular activities for young adults might not be on the plate for a family trip, such as Tango dancing, wine tasting, or Argentine steak indulging. Your children might not be up for spending most of their time in museums, but there are still some excellent options in Buenos Aires for your family trip!

best-places-to-travel-with-kids-in-south-americaTake your kids to the countryside and spend a day at a traditional ranch. Let the “gauchos” (Argentine cowboy) show you their lifestyle and culture. If not an estancia, visit the Temaiken Biopark. Temaiken Biopark is not a zoo; it is a place where visitors learn about the relationships between animals, humans, and plants. There are many activities here specially designed for the kids: an interactive center, a 360º movie theater, an aquarium and more.

There is something here for the whole family.

best-places-to-travel-with-kids-in-south-americaAlso, consider a trip to Puerto Madryn to see whales and penguins. Or maybe, visit Iguazu Falls, one of the 7 New Natural World Wonders (there’s a boat ride that goes close to the falls that I’m sure you’ll love!).

Close to Iguazu Falls, in the rainforest, is the Yacutinga Lodge which is fantastic for discovering the Guarani culture (natives from the region) and the rainforest.

Argentina is huge, from the rocky landscapes of Salta to the glaciers of Patagonia, so if you have more time, there are plenty of highlights you can add to any tour.

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