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So many adventures and opportunities fill Paraguay, that you don’t want to miss! Read below for many compelling places that the whole family will enjoy! Here are the best places to visit in Paraguay for any age.


Best Places to Visit in Paraguay for Children

There are many places in Paraguay, perfect for children. The following places are designed to allow kids to let loose while learning more about Paraguay in a fun way! The opportunities for children in Paraguay are endless – so let’s get started! 


Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asunción

The Botanical Garden and Zoo of Asunción is one of the best places to bring children when on a tour of Paraguay. In a huge national forest within the capital of Paraguay, this location sprawls across 270 acres just north of the city.

Jaguar at Paraguay Zoo

Jaguar at the Zoo of Asunción

The Zoo of Asunción is home to almost seventy species of wildlife; featuring birds, mammals, and reptiles. Most animals featured are mainly from Paraguay however, there are some animals native to surrounding areas within South America. The botanical garden also houses an immense array of flora, all native to South America. Visitors are encouraged to bring their children to the Zoo of Asunción. As this location will give them the opportunity to see so many animals that they wouldn’t see back home. To be able to hear the roar of an African lion or the hiss from a yellow anaconda, will be an opportunity that you and your family won’t want to miss. The Asuncion, Chaco, & Iguazu Falls Paraguay Tour is a great example of an itinerary that can include a visit to this fun place!


San José Beach

This beach is famous for its beautiful view and relaxation. During the summer months, Paraguay’s weather is perfect for a day spent at the beach. Parents can sit and enjoy the sun while their kids construct sandcastles and play in the water. This beach also consists of many public restrooms and showers. In case you would like to rinse off the sand and change before sitting down at one of the many popular restaurants that line the beach.


Museo de la Tierra Guaraní de Itaipú

This museum is a must-see as it is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn more about the history of Paraguay. This museum goes beyond your average museum! Visitors are able to stand next to life-size figurines and sit down to watch live demonstrations. Most of the information is displayed with vibrant colors and moving pictures, perfect to capture the attention of children. This place comes highly recommended by previous visitors. For it is famous as a place to learn more about Guarani Culture and the environment of Paraguay. This museum also includes a zoo and botanical garden. Where children can see first hand the animals and environment that are displayed in the museum and contain high importance in the culture. 


Best Places to Visit in Paraguay for Teenagers

Paraguay is also a fantastic destination for families with teenagers! Paraguay provides a sense of energy and thrill as you are able to zip line through the lush treetops and even witness first-hand one of the Seven Wonders of the World. While visiting Paraguay, teenagers will never have the opportunity to say they’re bored, as adventure awaits around every corner. Below are a few recommendations of places I know your teen will enjoy. 


Eco Reserva Mbatov

As a nature reserve, the Eco Reserva Mbatov serves to protect the biological diversity in the area. Not only does this area provide stellar views, but it also consists of many opportunities for you and your family to get out of your comfort zone and have some fun! Some of the activities available include walking on hanging bridges, zip lining above the forest treetops and rappelling down a rock face. All of these activities feature friendly, qualified and experienced guides to answer any questions and help you along the way. Your teen will love the opportunity to be able to participate in these once-in-a-lifetime activities. Undoubtedly your teen will not be able to wait to tell their friends all about their Paraguay Adventures!

Iguazu Falls

Teenagers will love Iguazu Falls. While this destination is not in Paraguay, it is a short trip away and is definitely a must see. On an Iguazu Falls Tour, teenagers will experience the true beauty that nature has to offer as they are able to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Ariel View of Iguazu Falls 

Ariel View of Iguazu Falls 

Standing up close to the falls is one of many things that this location offers visitors to experience. Other options include taking a boat tour at the bottom of the falls, where the rainbow mist is sure to hit you! You can also hike around the falls, offering you the opportunity to take in its immense size. Or, take a safari or a guided train through the rainforest and learn more about this beautiful place. These options are sure to satisfy that sense of adventure and truly allow you to take in all aspects of this beautiful wonder of the world. As a definite must-see, your teenagers will love Iguazu Falls!


Parque Nacional Ybycuí

Parque Nacional Ybycuí offers the opportunity to experience incredible wildlife, including a huge variety of birds. The featured birds include parakeets, tityrus, and tanagers. This location offers a beautiful park with waterfalls and hiking trails. Which is perfect for you and your teen to explore Paraguay as you hike through the forest. Or bring a ball to play a friendly game of fútbol. The options of fun are endless here at the Parque Nacional Ybycuí.



Best Places to Visit in Paraguay for Seniors

Paraguay is perfect for seniors looking to experience and learn more about the wildlife and history of South America. Paraguay hosts many fun and informative activities. All which provide easy accessibility and ease of transportation to many locations.


The Paraguay Jesuit Missions at Trinidad

This UNESCO site is a must-see and an excellent spot for senior travelers to visit. 

Jesuit Ruins at Trinidad

Jesuit Ruins at Trinidad

Though it has been said that the Jesuit Ruins at Trinidad is the least visited UNESCO site in the world, that means visitors are able to explore the site without having to worry about bumping into other travelers. These ruins are also far away from highways and the local villages, so travelers can attain an authentic, cultural experience. While you wander through the site, you will be able to gain a genuine and experience of how the civilization lived in the past. Also, with the terrain being mainly flat, seniors will not have to worry about walking up or down any hills.


Itaipú Dam

The Itaipú dam holds the record for the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. With record-breaking power generation, it is considered one of the 7 wonders of modern engineering. This dam sits on the Parana River, which is the 7th largest river in the world. Visitors can tour the inside and outside of this engineering masterpiece. Thus gaining a greater perspective of the building process and engineering behind this massive dam. It comes highly recommended by those who have taken this tour, for it is fully guided and offers you inside knowledge about the dam that many are unaware of.

Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam

While here, take advantage of the many photo opportunities and the chance to enjoy a nice meal at a fantastic local restaurant. There are many different tours offered at the dam. Take a look at the Itaipu Dam & Iguazu Paraguay Tour to get an idea of a sample itinerary. Whether you would like to go inside the dam or simply tour around the outside, you are sure to find a tour that will meet your needs!


Birdwatching and Ecotourism in the Pantanal

With Paraguay located in the center of South America, it hosts many migratory species from the north and the south. In fact, Paraguay boasts a list of over 700 species. Visitors have a chance at seeing many unique and normally hard to find birds along with many different types of mammals. Paraguay also contains many different habitats ranging from wetlands, forests, and savanna.

Pantanal Wetlands, Paraguay

Pantanal Wetlands, Paraguay

Locations in Paraguay are very popular among visitors due to the dedication of locals in the preservation of these local habitats. Which exhibits efforts to maintain healthy ecotourism. There are many tours offered given the different habitats available and determined by the different types of wildlife that you are interested in seeing. However, a great location to start would be within the Pantanal Wetlands, which spans across Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. These places are perfect for seniors because they are all given by trained, local bird guides with an exclusive opportunity to experience much wildlife exclusive to Paraguay.


Manzana de la Rivera in Asuncn, Paraguay

Considered a cultural symbol of Paraguay, the Manzana de la Rivera comes highly recommended for seniors. This location consists of a street block with nine antique and colorful houses. Just a few examples of these houses is a museum, library, theater, and cafe. All situated close together, visitors will not be required to walk large distances in between.

Through the touring of all nine houses, visitors are able to gain an understanding of the architecture ranging from throughout history. Additionally, these houses hold cultural art; ranging from paintings, pictures, installations, and sculptures from diverse artists. Seniors will be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, as they are immersed in the local culture, being able to tour these homes at their own pace.


As you can see, no matter what your age, Paraguay has a destination fit for your next trip. Get started planning a trip to Paraguay today with one of our expert Travel Consultants, and you’re sure to have a memorable experience. Contact us today!

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