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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

When traveling, it’s important to indulge in the local cuisine and national cocktails. Read on for Travel Consultant, Jake Muniak’s, 4 Favorite Restaurants in South America.

1. Floreria Atlantico in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Best Restaurants in South America

restaurants in south america - floreria atlantico

If you find yourself in Buenos Aires and are looking for a speakeasy cocktail lounge, you’re in luck. Floreria Atlantico is a hidden gem in Buenos Aires, but you will likely have some trouble finding this restaurant. I just happened to stumble upon this gem out of mere curiosity. One day I was walking past this boutique looking flower shop, and I noticed something peculiar. Groups of people were entering the tiny flower shop, but no one seemed to be leaving. I was intrigued, so I walked into the shop.  Out of nowhere, someone walked out of a door that I believed was the door to a refrigerator, and he directed me downstairs. I quickly realized that this quiet flower shop was a speakeasy.

The Floreria Atlantico menu combines French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and English influences. The cocktail list also hints at this immigrant influence that has been engrained into the psyche of modern-day Argentina. A massive fire-fed stove and oven, give life to internationally-inspired and local Argentine tapas (that all pair excellent with the drinks on the 10+ page cocktail list). The fun and funky vibes are sure to intrigue any cocktail connoisseur.  Sit back and enjoy one of Argentina’s hippest bars.

Insider Tip: I recommend making a reservation in advance to guarantee a table.

2. Bar Astor in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Best Restaurants in Rio

restaurants in south america bar astorSitting on Ipanema beach is Bar Astor, complete with a lively sidewalk patio that brings together a great mix of locals and foreigners. Bar Astor is the perfect restaurant to give you a taste of what the local Carioca bohemians enjoy.

restaurants in south america bar astorHere you will find an extensive cocktail list with both Brazilian and internationally-themed cocktails. If you don’t fancy a cocktail you can opt for a chopp (Brazilian draft beer) – a specialty at Bar Astor. Choose between the typical Rio dishes including Moqueca (salt water fish stew in coconut milk, tomatoes, and onions), Pao De Queijo (African-inspired baked cheese roll soaked in cassava root) and Acaraje (peeled beans that are formed into a ball and deep-fried in palm oil).

Bar Astor has a little bit of everything.  What seems to be perfectly fitting for this bar, is the Brazilian music that you’ll hear blasting through the speakers and the energetic story-telling at all the tables. Here you can order a variety of finger foods to munch on, or ask your friendly waiter what they recommend. Spend the evening sipping on the Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha, and watch the sunset from Ipanema Beach.

3. Las Brujas de Cachiche in Lima, Peru – Best Restaurants in Lima

restaurants in south america lima Lima is the culinary capital of South America. Due to the extensive restaurant options, the real Peruvian cuisine seems to get lost in the chaos.  However, Las Brujas de Cachiche is the perfect restaurant for any tourist. The restaurant is elaborately decorated with Incan art creating a jungle-like ambiance. After stepping through the doors, you’ll find exactly what you have been looking for: authentic Peruvian food.

Las Brujas de Cachiche has an impressive wine, craft beer, cider, and cocktail list, which makes for a difficult choice. When in doubt, go with the staple Peruvian cocktail, the pisco sour. Pair your cocktail with one of the many options: fresh cocktail shrimps with mushroom tacu tacu, charcoaled sea bass with lime butter, Peruvian lobster, beef stew in cilantro sauce or sautéed fettuccini with criollo tenderloins.

After an evening at Las Brujas de Cachiche, don’t be surprised if you have fallen in love with the cuisine of Lima and the country’s famous cocktail.

4. Andres Carne de Res in Bogota, Colombia – Best Restaurant in South America

restaurants in south america Andres Carne de ResLocals and tourists have told me that Andres Carne de Res is unlike anywhere they’ve ever been. And that proved to be true.  When you walk through the doors, you are hit with what seems like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and a Dr. Seuss yard sale. Hanging from the ceiling are beautiful artisanal light fixtures with intricate designs. There are three levels to Andres Carne de Res; Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Choose wisely 😉

Insider Tip:  I recommend ordering a plate of Bandeja Paisa, an authentic Colombian dish of grilled steak, fried pork rind, chorizo, sliced avocado and sweet banana chips. Pair that with a Colombian beer or a stiff cocktail. Leave your diet at home and bring your appetite. After dinner, get ready to hit the dance floor.

Restaurants are a great way to try authentic cuisine and MEET the locals of South America. Share your favorite restaurants in South America with us! Comment below. RECOMMENDED WINE TOURS.