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Best Time to Visit Chile

For those who are searching for the best time to visit Chile, search no more! Chile is a great country to visit year round. Stretching over 4300 km long and almost halfway down the coast of South America, Chile offers a diverse range of climates. Depending on where you want to travel and what activities you would like to do, will determine the best time to visit Chile.

Chile is an incredibly diverse country covering huge amounts of land along the west coast of South America. The best time to Visit Chile can vary hugely based on your latitude.

However, the overall best time to visit Chile is hugely dependent on where you are visiting!

That is why we are going to break down in more detail the best times to visit Chile, based on all the various regions of Chile including Patagonia, The Atacama Desert, Lake District, Easter Island, and more!

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Best Time to Visit Chile – Patagonia Region

Best Time to Visit Chile

The best time to visit Patagonia is typically from November – March. These are the “summer” months in Patagonia, and the National Parks are in full swing, welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists.  Venture to Isla Magdalena to say hello to the Penguins, or head south for the picturesque mountain trails and trekking in Torres del Paine – the show stopper of Patagonia!  If Torres del Paine National Park is on your list, you may want to consider visiting during the shoulder season from July – November or March – April. Weather can be a bit more dramatic during the shoulder season, but there are fewer tourists and lodging prices typically drop. 

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Best Time to Visit Chile – Lake District

Best Time to Visit Chile

The Lakes District, also known as the gateway to Patagonia, can be visited year-round, but depending on what you would like to do influences the time you should visit. During the winter months from June – August, expect snowy landscapes and skiing, while during the summer months from December – February, enjoy beautiful blue lakes and green forests, ideal for hiking. Choose between snow-white adventures or boating across the blue lakes for the best time to visit Chile’s Lakes District. 

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Best Time to Visit Chile – Easter Island

Best Time to Visit Chile

Easter Island with its impressive moai statues sits in the Polynesian Triangle and has a warm tropical climate year round. The temperatures range from 23°C (73°F) to 17°C (63°F), making the island enjoyable all year. The peak season to visit is from December – February, when the temperatures are at their warmest and swimming is encouraged! However, if you want to visit the moai statues without the intensity of large crowds, plan a trip between May and September, you will still experience pleasant weather and likely get a discount on lodging.  

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Best Time to Visit Chile – Atacama Desert

Best Time to Visit Chile

The Atacama Desert is another destination that is suitable for travelers year-round. The driest place on earth is tucked between two mountain ranges, creating a rain shadow, meaning there is little to no rain during the year.  The winter tends to be quite chilly while the summer can bring extreme heat, so if we had to pick the best time to visit, it would be during the fall from March-May or the spring from September – November.

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Chile is a great destination to visit year round!

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Best Time to Visit Chile

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