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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Uruguay, but totally lost when it comes to the best time to visit? I’m here to help! First, take note that Uruguay is sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil. Its geographical location offers temperate climates year-round, with relatively no extreme weather conditions. The agreeable weather for the majority of the year makes Uruguay a fantastic destination for travelers around the world.  Find out which season (even though they are all fantastic) is perfect for you!

Spring & Summer Season – October to March

best time to visit Uruguay - beach

For ideal weather, visit Uruguay during the spring and early summer months, from October to March. Punta del Este is packed with tourists, as lovely breezes from the ocean keep it cool while visitors work on their suntan. The temperature is warm, without making you feel like you need to dip in the water every 5 minutes. There’s also a lower chance of precipitation; get ready for blue skies!

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Autumn Season – April to June

Colonia - best time to visit Uruguay

Another excellent time to travel to Uruguay is during the country’s autumn months, from late April to early June. The weather is pleasant, creating the perfect opportunity to explore the city and coastal region. Often, tourists choose the summer months to visit Uruguay, making the autumn months a more practical, less hectic, yet still beautiful time to play in the sand and explore the city highlights.

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Winter Season – July to September

Estancia Best time to visit Uruguay

If the cold doesn’t bother you, winter is a fantastic time to visit the countryside of Uruguay. Surprisingly, the landscape is especially stunning during this period of the year. Though it might be a little chilly, this is still an excellent time to participate in various activities such as hiking, boating, horseback riding and sightseeing.

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If the summer season is the season for you, remember that a lot of the businesses close or have limited schedules as the locals tend to break for the holiday. In February, prepare for the streets to become full of theater performances and passionate drummers as Montevideo’s Carnival celebrations commence. When March comes around, the Tacuarembó’s gaucho festival occurs. Lastly, in October, visit Salto’s hot springs, or channel Carlos Gardel at Montevideo’s tango festival.

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Plan Ahead

Feel free to call today with your Uruguay requests! The sooner you call, the easier it is to plan your perfect trip. If you are thinking about visiting Uruguay during the holiday season or Carnival months, in late December to early February, make sure to plan ahead. This is a busy time for international travelers and plenty of locals are on holiday. 

Best time to visit Uruguay!