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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Best Times to Visit Bolivia

Wondering what the Best Times to Visit Bolivia is? Is Bolivia on your travel bucket list, but you’re not sure when to visit? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking to experience Salar de Uyuni, explore La Paz on a guided city tour, or bike down Yungas Road, there’s a season that will work best for you. Read below to discover the best times to visit Bolivia!

Best Times to Visit Bolivia

What are your travel interests?

Before you begin your search, keep in mind that booking your dream vacation to Bolivia highly depends on your travel interests. The distinct seasons make it so there are a time and place for every activity. Therefore, think hard about what it is you’d like to do or see and plan your trip accordingly! 

The Best Time to Visit Bolivia is…

the Dry Season from May to October are the best times to visit Bolivia.

The dry season in Bolivia, also known as winter, is a favorite amongst many! This makes the months of May to October the best times to visit Bolivia!

During this period, there are beautifully clear days with occasional rain showers. Although the days are considered shorter during this time, the sun still shines just as bright. The pleasant weather makes for worry-free road conditions and little barriers to transportation, meaning there’s nothing stopping you from exploring everything that Bolivia has to offer! If you enjoy hiking, trekking, bike riding, climbing or any other outdoor activities, the dry season is the best time to travel to Bolivia. 

Best Times to Visit Bolivia

June to August are especially busy months due to foreigners taking their summer vacation. Also, this is the time of year when many Bolivian festivals take place. The high demand in travel to Bolivia, during the dry season, will cause larger crowds and limited availability in hotels. Make sure to book early if you plan to travel during this time!

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Top Destinations & Festivals – Dry Season in Bolivia

  • Salar de Uyuni: For the best climate, visit between July and October. However, for a better opportunity to see reflective surfaces, visit between March and April. 
  • Lake Titicaca: The best time to visit Lake Titicaca is from May to September when temperatures range from 16 to 17°C (60 to 63°F). Cruise the pristine waters of Lake Titicaca, hike Isla del Sol or embark on a relaxing bike ride around the local villages.
  • Yungas Road: Bike riding in Bolivia is safest when the road conditions are dry. Explore Yungas Road, deemed the “world’s most dangerous road” for a bike riding adventure!
  • Bolivia’s Independence Day (August 6th): Bolivia’s Independence Day is a public holiday, you won’t want to miss! Feel the pride of the country while patriotic marches take place in towns and cities across the country.
  • El Señor del Gran Poder (May/June): Enjoy an incredible feast of El Señor del Gran Poder (Feast of Jesus Christ). This feast invites over 20,000 dancers in colorful costumes to the streets of La Paz.

Wet Season – November to March

The rainy season in Bolivia lasts from November to March. It is for that reason that November to March is not one of the best times to visit Bolivia.

During this time, road transportation becomes nearly impossible due to flooding and muddy barriers. However, river transport becomes much more frequent. For slightly less rain, head to the Altiplano. Just make sure there aren’t too many road closures blocking your passage. Despite some of the transportation inconveniences and cold weather, the rainy season is a gorgeous time to explore the Andes, as the mountainsides transform into vibrant, green grassland and blooming wildflowers. This is also an ideal time to visit Salar de Uyuni. Though it might be a little damp outside, the thin sheet of water reflects the sky beautifully on the surface of the Salt Flats. This makes for a spectacular site, you won’t find anywhere else!

Best Times to Visit Bolivia

The weather conditions during the wet season result in lower visitors. Due to low demand in travel, you may find better deals on airfare, accommodations and fewer crowds at various tourist spots!

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Top Destinations & Festivals – The Wet Season in Bolivia

  • Salar de Uyuni: Rainy weather takes Salar de Uyuni to a whole new level. A thin sheet of water causes the surface to reflect a perfect representation of the sky above. For this type of experience, visit between March and April.  
  • Carnival (February): Dance to the drums of Carnival. Carnival is celebrated across Bolivia, with the liveliest festivities to be found in Santa Cruz and Oruro.
  • Feria de Alasitas (late January): Feria de Alasitas is a fascinating festival held in La Paz, where countless stalls sell all sorts of handicraft which Bolivians purchase to appease “Ekeko,” the household god of abundance.

Unpredictable Weather is not Best Time to Visit Bolivia

A few times a year, the country experiences some cold breezes coming up from Patagonia. These chilly waves are known as surazos. Make sure to pack some warm clothes or buy some handmade blankets from a local vendor, in case these cold breezes head your way! 

Best Times to Visit Bolivia

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