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Best Times to Visit Peru


Best Times to Visit Peru by the leading South America Tour Experts. Peru is a fabulous destination to visit year round, but depending on where you go, what months you travel, & what you’d like to do will determine the best time to visit Peru, Machu Picchu, Lima, & Cusco. Overall, the Best Time to travel to Peru is…

Wait wait wait! Let’s break down the best times to visit Peru into a little more detail.


The Best Times to Visit Peru by Month & Season

Dry Season: May – September

During the months, May – September, Peru has their “dry season.” The dry season is considered to be the best time to visit Peru.

By May, the rain has started to cease in the Andes and Peru becomes a destination for adventures. The sun starts to shine brighter, and the sky becomes a little bluer. With hot shimmering days and cool crisp nights, tourists enjoy boating trips on Lake Titicaca, trekking passed snowcapped mountains and hiking the Inca Trail.


During Peru’s Dry Season months, it’s considered winter, and winter in Cusco is beautiful. The weather is dry, and the streets are full of vibrant outdoor festivals. It’s a perfect time to take a Cusco City Tour or walking tour through the city. Choose instead to make your way to Machu Picchu as the dry season in Peru from May – September is also one of the best times to visit Peru.


June and August are typically the most popular months to travel to Peru.

But unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Due to the warm air complemented by cool breezes, this weather screams peak season. There will be an increased amount of travelers exploring the iconic sites, meaning hotel accommodations and activities are more expensive. If you want to visit Peru anytime between May – September, make sure to book early! That way you can secure your travel and hotel accommodations.

Wet Season: December – March

December through March is considered Peru’s “wet season,” which is full of rain showers. If you’re from Seattle, this might not be a shock to you. But for those of you coming from the beaches of Southern California or the ranches of Texas, you might want to stick to the dry season.

While you can still trek to Machu Picchu, note that the Inca Trail closes during the month of February due to maintenance. Also, the rain does leave the trail muddy and difficult to hike.

But don’t let the rain scare you! Without the moisture of the raindrops, Peru would not flourish with such vibrancy. The heavy rainfall creates an abundance of greenery and colorful scenery. And because this season is not the most popular, you are more likely to be subjected to fewer crowds, reduced hotel rates, and comfortable 60-degree daytime temperatures.


Also, the rain does not cause the country to shut down. There is still so much you can do and see! For instance, Cusco is still as lively as it is during the dry season. You can enjoy colorful fiestas during this time, including Carnaval and La Virgin de la Candelaria.

Unpredictable: April – November

April through November are the months of mysterious weather. These months are unpredictable because they are right before and right after the wet season. Typically, we find that during these months you will see a little bit of rain, but on average, the temperatures will be around 60 degrees’.  This is a great time to visit Peru if you want to avoid some of the crowds and expensive hotel rates.

Location is everything in Peru. Here are the Best Times to Visit Peru at specific locations:

The Best Time to Visit Cusco:

The most popular time to visit Cusco is between June and August.

If you go during this time, it will be peak season with a lot of hungry sight-seeing tourists. That being said, we recommend visiting Cusco during April, May, September, or October. These are the times right after and before the rainy season, and you can avoid large tourist crowds.


The Best Time to Visit Lima:

It almost never rains in Lima, but it does tend to get cold due to the humidity between June and August.

The sky is usually overcast with a slight layer of fog, but if you venture towards the central mountains, you will be able to roll up your sleeves as you find the sun.

The Best Time to Visit The Amazon Jungle in Peru:

The rainforest of Peru has a sub-tropical climate and from October – April it rains most of the time.

Humidity runs high in the rainforest throughout the year. During the dry season, from July to December, there is intense heat and the lakes and rivers tend to recede. If you love early mornings of fishing or hiking, the dry season would be the best time to visit.


The Best Times to Visit the Peruvian Coast:

During the months, November – March, Lima will be hot and humid. But along the coast, it will be perfectly warm, sunny, and a great temperature in the ocean for a long swim.


The Highlands: If you’re a Cali-baby, you can appreciate the fact that the sun is always out in the highlands. But take note that when the sun falls, the temperature goes down with it. Make sure to bring lots of layers with you to the Highlands. You will need them when the warm afternoon disappears into a cold winter night!

Try to Pack it All Into One Amazing Tour, No Matter the Best Times to Visit Peru

Pretend you’re the Carrie Bradshaw of Peru because you will need numerous outfits to be fully prepared. No matter what time of the year you plan to visit, it is important to pack a variety of clothing. During the summer season, you must pack lightweight clothing and sandals for the coast. During the winter, make sure to have fleece, thermals, hats, gloves, and warm jackets. If you’re traveling through the jungle, make sure to pack some waterproof and protective gear, as well as some boots. All this gear is necessary no matter the best time to go to Peru.

Start Planning Your Dream Peru Tour Now 

Our experienced travel consultants are ready to help you as soon as you decide when you want to travel to Peru. If the dry season seems to be a winner, start planning your custom Peru vacation now. The popularity of this season results in less availability of flights and accommodations.

Once you have chosen a time that best suits your interests, talk to our travel consultants about customizing your vacation to Peru. No matter the season you choose, you are bound to have a wonderful time.

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