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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Thinking of traveling to Colombia but not sure when is the best time to visit? Instead of just planning your trip around the weather, consider also planning around one of Colombia’s many festivals.

Festivals – Best Times to Travel to Colombia

With fantastic weather year-round, travelers can plan their trips to coincide with one of Colombia’s many holidays. Colombia has the second highest number of holidays in the world after India. With eighteen public holidays each year, Colombians spend time relaxing, celebrating their culture, and enjoying Colombia’s beautiful surroundings.

Barranquilla Carnival

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Perhaps the largest carnival event on the continent after Rio de Janeiro’s famous festival, Barranquilla’s Carnival boasts a distinctly Caribbean flair. Over 25,000 dancers perform over the four-day festival. Some 1.5 million travelers visit the coastal city to enjoy the celebration. Carnival in Barranquilla takes place February 25-28, 2017.

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Medellin Flower Festival

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Every August, Medellin celebrates Colombia’s diversity of natural flora during a 10-day festival. A symbol of the festival is the silleta, a device once used by slaves to carry their owners. Today, the silletas are used to carry large and colorful floral arrangements in parades around the city. The Medellin Flower Festival will be held July 28-August 6, 2017.

The World Salsa Festival

Interested in seeing, learning, and dancing Salsa? Cali is the world capital of Salsa and every September the city hosts the 6-day World Salsa Festival. Visitors can attend performances, workshops and show off their moves at dance classes held throughout the week. 

Cartagena’s Independence Celebration

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Every November 11th, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Cartagena celebrates its independence from Spain. Festivities include firework shows, boat parties, and traditional dances. The celebration culminates with the National Beauty Pageant where they select Miss. Colombia.

Christmas in Medellin

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Christmas in Colombia, like most South American countries, is an important celebration that draws visitors from around the world. Throughout the country, you can find brilliant displays of lights marking the holiday season. Christmas lights can be seen in Medellin from early December until early January.

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New Years in Cartagena

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Looking to ring in the New Year on the Caribbean coast? Head to Cartagena and view fireworks from the confines of the historic walled city as they reflect over the ocean. Cartagena’s celebration is the second largest New Year’s party on the continent after Rio de Janeiro, so come prepared to have some fun. After an eventful night, spend New Years Day relaxing on the beach.

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Climate – Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Colombia is a rather diverse country in South America with various climates. The country’s proximity to the equator results in relatively stable temperatures year round. Cities sitting at sea level, such as Cartagena, experience the warmest weather with an average of 90 (32°C) . While Medellin is a bit cooler, with average temperatures around the mid70’s’ (21°C), it remains mostly sunny which is how it earned its nickname, “City of Eternal Spring.” Bogota, which sits at a steep 8,660 ft (2,639 m) in the Andean highlands, has an average temperature around the mid 50’s (10°C) year round with overcast skies. Temperatures in the low-lying Amazon region rarely dip below 80 (26.6°C) throughout the year.

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Seasons – Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Best Times to Travel to Colombia

Instead of fluctuations in temperature, Colombia’s seasons are defined by rainfall. In Bogota, the seasons are characterized by two rainy seasons, from April to May and October to November.

The Caribbean region receives the most rainfall between September and October. After October, there are mostly dry conditions for the remainder of the year.

The Amazon experiences its wet season between January and June. If you’re looking to beat the rain, avoid these months.

The peak tourist season lasts from December through March coinciding with large celebrations for Christmas, New Years and Easter.

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Best Times to Travel to Colombia