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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Bolivian Amazon CruiseWhen you think of the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil is usually the first country that comes to mind, followed closely by Peru. But in fact the Amazon rainforest is so large that it dips into other countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and Bolivia. This exotic ecosystem may seem like a remote and an intimidating place to visit. It may be remote but that is what makes it so special. A Bolivian Amazon Cruise is the perfect opportunity to travel the Amazon Basin and get off the beaten path on a deluxe river cruise. Not many people have traveled to or are familiar with the mysterious Amazon River Basin. The dream of exploring the unknown wilderness becomes reality with a Bolivian Amazon Cruise. There are luxurious 4 to 5 star eco hotels or you can stay on board the Reina de Enin, a small river cruise ship which will make this trip into the Bolivian Amazon River Basin unforgettable.

How would you like starting your day with a breakfast on the terrace of your floating hotel, listening to the sound of birds and monkeys and watching dolphins play in the river around you? Experience the culture of the native people and their way of life while sailing along an Amazon River tributary. All this is possible on a Bolivian Amazon cruise. A typical tour on board the Flotel Reina de Enin, an Eco Cruiser, will last 3 – 7 days. This wonderful traveling experience through the Bolivian Amazon is all about adventure while enjoying the security and comfort you would expect from a cruise plus expert guides.

Bolivian Amazon CruiseBut this is not your typical 3,000-passenger cruise liner with around the clock all you can eat buffet while sailing across the ocean. The Reina de Enin offers rooms for a small group of 20 to 30 guests. Travelers will be met at the Trinidad airport and will be taken by private transfer to board their intimate Bolivian Amazon Cruise. At the start, you will sail along the Mamore River where the crew and the guests will immediately look out for the Bolivian Amazon wildlife. Be the first to spot the pink river dolphins or as the Bolivian locals call them, Bufeos. Later stop by a local community that will lend visitors canoes to paddle with their guides to local villages. This will give you a chance to take a glimpse into the daily lives of the native people.

At the end of the first day, the small group of guests will get together and introduce themselves while planning out the activities for the coming days. This interactive planning on board the Reina de Enin sets this vacation apart from your average cruise across the Atlantic. You the traveler will be able to influence which activities or destinations are on the agenda for the remainder of your vacation.

Bolivia Amazon Cruise CaimanThe Bolivian Amazon Cruise offers a variety of activities, destinations, and excitement. Depending on the season you will be able to search for hidden sandy river beaches and swim with the famous Bufeos (pink river dolphins), go fishing, or simply observe the wildlife – includingΒ macaws, capuchin monkeys, and caiman from the terrace while relaxing in a hammock. The cruise gives travelers a guided trip through the Amazon they will never forget.

Now that you are ready to begin the cruise of your lifetime, it is time to get prepared for this adventure. Here are some final suggestions on what to bring on your vacation through the Bolivian rainforest:

  • Shoes that will be comfortable for walking
  • Sun Block
  • A hat to protect your face from the sun
  • Binoculars
  • Light pants and long sleeve shirt
  • Warm sweater for the evenings
  • Bathing suit
  • Insect repellent

Whether you are looking for adventure, observing wildlife, learning more about local culture, or you would simply like something unique and different for your next vacation, consider Reina de Enin. This cruise will take you on a journey that you will never forget. Learn more about this Bolivian Amazon Cruise.

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