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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Brazil Best Place to Visit in 2016!

brazil best place to visit

It’s 2016, and South America is the place to visit. But there are several reasons why Brazil is an obvious choice. If deciding where to travel is guided by the dreams we’ve nurtured, it is also tempered by the headlines we’ve read. The world economy, global pandemics, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism all play their roles in discouraging tourism to some regions, while casting light on others. And out of all of this emerges Brazil.

Vast and idyllic Brazil has much to offer today’s traveler. Whether they are curious about colonial architecture, hikes and waterfalls, the cosmopolitanism found in Rio and Sao Paulo, the myriad species of Amazon wildlife, or they simply want to kick back on a tropical beach (caipirinha, of course, in hand). The lesser known Afro-Brazilian culture of the region around Salvador, this will give even the veteran traveler a reason to return.

While it used to be complicated to visit Brazil, this year it’s easy. One reason? The Olympics! This year, Rio de Janeiro will play host to the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, and visa requirements have been waived for travelers visiting between June 1st and September 18th. This applies to US, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese citizens. That means that whether or not one plans on attending the Olympics, there is plenty of time to visit Brazil easily. Even travelers arriving on September 18th may stay in the country for up to 90 days without needing a visa, something that normally costs $160 and can take weeks to receive. Roundtrip airfare from the US to Rio can currently be booked for under $500. Add to this the fact that Brazil’s local currency, the real, is at its lowest level in 13 years, and it becomes clear that Brazil has rarely been this exciting, this affordable, and this straightforward all at once.

Our 4 Favorite Brazil Tours


brazil-best-place-to-visit-in-2016This is an ideal trip for those who want to escape to a beach for a romantic getaway. Start in Rio de Janeiro and see the Christ the Redeemer statue. Then head to Ilha Grande to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Lopes Mendes. End your trip in Partay, which is a perfect place for hiking and snorkeling.



brazil-best-place-to-visit-in-2016Relax in the Caribbean waters on the northern coast of Brazil. Stay at one of our selected hotels and pamper yourself at the spa. Check-in at a comfortable beach bungalow, also known as a pousada, and enjoy views of the beach, sand dunes, and the Virgin Atlantic Rainforest.



brazil-best-place-to-visit-in-2016Discover the history of Brazil on our Rio and the Route of Gold Tour. Appreciate Brazil’s architecture on a walking tour in Partay and admire the charming cobblestone streets. Then, head to Minas Gerais and continue the journey through the gold mining town of São João del Rey. Visit the beautiful colonial city of Tiradentes where the famous Twelve Prophet statues are.



brazil-best-place-to-visit-in-2016On the Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon Rainforest Tour, you get the best of both worlds by visiting the city and retreating to the rainforest. Choose between staying at a lodge or exploring the Amazon by river cruise.  Go on a night safari tour to see nocturnal animals, hike through the jungle, visit local caboclo villages, go on canoe rides, and more.


Customize Your Trip to Brazil

Our travel experts can customize trips to Brazil, and combine a visit to Argentina, Peru or anywhere else in South America. Take a look at our Most Popular Brazil Itineraries for additional ideas or click here to customize your tour throughout South America.

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Brazil Best Places to Visit