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Brazil’s Booming Agriculture Tours | Brazil Farm Tours

When you hear Brazil, you immediately think of the endless beaches and the Amazon Rainforest. But, did you know that Brazil is also the global leader in sugar cane production and one of the top producers of soybeans, coffee beans, and beef?

You might be thinking, how does Brazil do it? Brazil’s diverse landscapes and temperate climate creates ideal conditions for crop production. Additionally, Brazil’s agricultural technological improvements draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to some of the largest agribusiness expositions in South America. If you are interested in Agriculture, you will want to read on to find out more about Brazil Farm Tours and South America Agriculture.

Summertime is oh so fine – Brazil Farm Tours

Brazil Farm ToursSummer in South America is the best time to experience Brazil’s thriving agricultural industry. From October through April, witness the planting, irrigation, and growing period of the crops up close. Harvest season for soybeans begins in January and February, so this is also an excellent time to visit.

If you’re specifically interested in learning about Brazil’s farming industry and want to meet like-minded farmers, then attend the large exhibitions listed below. The most popular are the Coopavel Show Rural in February and the Expo Londrina Agricultural Show in April. These expositions will teach you new techniques to improve your crop and livestock production process.

Brazil’s Farming Expositions – Brazil Farm Tours

#1. Coopavel Show Rural – Brazil Farm Tours

Brazil Farm ToursIn February, the Coopavel Show Rural takes place in Cascavel, Paraná. Paraná’s renowned fertile and temperate climate makes for impressive agricultural production. They specialize in growing sugarcane, soybean, cocoa, tropical fruits, and livestock. Along with nearby Mato Grosso, Paraná produces more than half of the country’s soybean supply.

The Coopavel Show Rural draws more than 200,000 visitors each year, due to its expansive network of global farmers and appearances of leading names in Brazil’s agribusiness sector. The primary purpose of the exposition is to educate farmers about the modernization of farming and cattle raising. The show in 2016 provided more than 480 exhibitors specializing in the latest technologies used to cultivate, irrigate, and harvest crops throughout the region.

Brazil Farm ToursAfter attending the Coopavel Show Rural, take a visit to the nearby Iguazu Falls. Marvel at the sprawling Iguazu Falls that create the border between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

The Coopavel Show Rural will take place February 6-10, 2017. If you’re interested in visiting the Coopavel Show Rural to learn more about Brazil’s farming industry, contact one of our travel consultants to start planning your custom agricultural tour today.

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#2. Expo Londrina Agricultural Show – Brazil Farm Tours

Brazil Farm ToursIn April, the Expo Londrina Agricultural Show is held in Londrina, Paraná. Londrina was once the coffee production capital of the country. The city continues its legacy in Brazil’s farming economy with the annual tradeshow. The weeklong show highlights the latest technology used in the agribusiness. There were over 500,000 attendees in 2016, making it one of the largest expositions in South America.

While at Expo Londrina visit the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA. EMBRAPA creates sustainable development practices for the farming industry through advanced technology. They also research biodiesel production using soybeans and produce more than 400 liters of fuel each day.

In addition to learning about new production techniques, make sure to save some free time. Because throughout the week, there are rodeos, art exhibitions, and concerts from big name artists.

Additional South America Agriculture Highlights

#1. IAPAR: The Agronomic Institute of Paraná – Brazil Farm Tours

Also located in Londrina are the headquarters of IAPAR, the Agronomic Institute of the Paraná. IAPAR studies experimental farming practices used in Paraná. They specialize in guidelines for environmentally conscious production standards for high quality and healthy food.

#2: COAMO: Agroindustrial Farming Cooperative – Brazil Farm Tours

To end your tour, visit the largest farming cooperative in South America, COAMO Agroindustrial Cooperative. COAMO Cooperative supports over 25,000 farmers around the region and allows farmers to share costs for the processing and storage of crops.

The Expo Londrina Agricultural Show will be held April 5-15, 2017 so contact one of our travel consultants today to start planning your fully customizable Agriculture Tour in South America.