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Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 06:46 pm

Why visit Chiloe Island? Watch this video and read the article below to find out about this wonderful island full of traditional fishing villages, wooden churches, and a tight-knit community where people love to tell stories and celebrate life. After watching reading the article, chances are, you’ll want to plan a Chiloe Tour from Puerto Varas right away.

Puerto Varas Church Chile -stockWhen you look at the map of Chile you think right away that such a differently shaped country must be for sure full of surprises. And it certainly is! From the dry, deserted landscapes of Atacama in the north you can fly via Santiago to famous Patagonia. Or if you want to find yourself in a fairy tale land of lakes and forests why not stop in the Patagonia Lake Region to do a Chiloe Tour from Puerto Varas?

Getting to Puerto Varas:

You can easily get to the Lake Region with a 1h 45 min flight from the capital Santiago. The airport you arrive at in the Lake Region is Puerto Montt. After a 30 minutes drive east, you will reach the picturesque town of Puerto Varas, a former settlement of German colonies where you can still taste the very best of German cuisine and breath the atmosphere of the Alpine resort town.

After spending some days in Puerto Varas that offers the most amazing tours to see the volcano Osorno, Petrohue waterfalls, Llanquihue Lake it’s time for you to explore something more. What I truly recommend is to take a trip to the small island of Chiloé that represents unique traditions and architecture on a small piece of land wedged between the land and the ocean.


Chiloe Chile Lake District

Chiloé is all about getting to know another face of the Chilean culture rich in local traditions. Observing the unique architecture of numerous wooden churches spread all over the island. The native look of which has nothing to do with the colonial Spanish style. The characteristic mixture of European Jesuit culture with indigenous influences made the churches of Chiloé a real gem of architecture and placed them on a UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Getting to Chiloé:

The trip to Chiloé from Puerto Varas is done both by land and a ferry that goes through the waters of Chacao Channel. The trip by ferry to the island shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. There are frequent daily ferries that connect Chiloé with the rest of the country. They are single-open deck vessels that transports vehicles as well.

The first town that welcomes you on Chiloé island is Ancud, the place where you get inspired by mystic culture, old legends, pristine landscapes, and the simple life of local people.

Another town that attracts visitors is Castro, the capital of Chiloé, situated further south in the heart of the island. The most impressive and eye catching landscape you will see is the line of colorful wooden houses called “palafitos” – cute buildings raised on piles over the surface of the water of the channel.

Famous timber church of Chonchi on ChiloeChiloe Tours from Puerto Varas:

These Chiloe tours from Puerto Varas are like going into a different world, one where the ocean and the land meet in a mysterious and fascinating way. Wuthering heights-esque, dark wild forests and foggy mornings make the island even more mysterious and undiscovered. One of the most popular activities is to visit the Chiloé National Park. Other activities might include birdwatching, kayaking, trekking, fishing and whale-watching (March & April).

There are many Chiloe tours from Puerto Varas you can choose from such as:

The Chilean Wines and Lakes Tour where you will taste some amazing wines while admiring beautiful landscapes. During this 8-day tour, visit Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso and the beautiful beaches of Vina del mar. Then fly to the Lake Region and visit Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and the island of Chiloe. Afterwards spend a day in the foothill of the Andes to have stunning views of the volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco and take a catamaran cruise across Todos los Santos Lake. End this tour with a lovely hike to the Bride’s Waterfall (the Cascada de la Novia).

>> More info and full itinerary here.

The Patagonia Lake Crossing and Carretera Austral Tour that will lead you through many Patagonia highlights. This 11-day tour starts in Bariloche before heading to Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt to enjoy the views of the Puntiagudo and Osorno Volcanoes. Then go to the island Chiloe to discover its beautiful churches and picturesque homes. Afterwards begin your journey along the Carretera Austral to discover beautiful lakes and scenery. Then enter Los Glaciares National Park, where glaciers seem to be as common as trees. There are 47 glaciers here, the most famous being the Perito Moreno glacier.

>> More info and full itinerary here.

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