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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

If you are traveling with U.S. Dollars, you’re in luck! This year we’ve seen a much stronger dollar making travel in South America more affordable.  But now the question is, where will your dollar go furthest? Take a look at our Top 3 destinations where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.


stronger-dollarTrade in your trip to the Eiffel Tower with a trip to Buenos Aires, “The Paris of the Americas.” Argentina now offers the greatest savings for those traveling with dollars. Visit the land of contrasts and combine a trip to the city where tango was born, visit world-renowned wine regions, admire the mountains of Patagonia and see the World Wonder Iguassu Falls, all for an affordable price.

stronger-dollarThe official rate for the dollar has nearly doubled in the last year making Argentina one of the most removed the $160 reciprocity fee for U.S. citizens, and there is talk that this removal could become permanent. Take advantage of the stronger Dollar while it lasts and travel like royalty in Argentina because your dollar will go far.

Look at some of our recommended Argentina Tours today and start planning your dream vacation.


stronger-dollarHave you been dreaming about traveling to Brazil?  Well, now is a perfect time! The current exchange rate is 1 USD to 3 BRL. Just two years ago it was at 1 USD to 1.5 BRL; that’s a 50% savings for people traveling with the U.S. Dollar. Combine the exchange rate with the visa waiver program valid for travel during the Olympic and Paralympic games, and you’re looking at major travel savings!
Likewise, many services that offers are cheaper, making hotels even more affordable.  Feel the vibrant culture of Brazil on a tour to see the country’s most impressive highlights.

Bresult-5razil is the size of the continental United States and offers you a wide variety of unique and impressive destinations. Discover the fun afro-culture in Salvador da Bahia, dance samba in the friendly city of Rio de Janeiro.  Then, leave the city and explore the wildlife heaven that is the Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal Wetlands.

stronger-dollarThere are so many different destinations to choose from, but Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, and Iguassu Falls are the most popular destinations in Brazil.  Take our recommended Brazil Tours and wherever you choose to travel, you are sure to fall in love with the warmth and cheerful locals.

I recommend our Route of Gold Tour for an unforgettable journey through the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazilian mining towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites and of course Rio de Janeiro.


stronger-dollarThis is the year for you to visit World Wonder, Machu Picchu!  Peru has always been an affordable destination with reasonable airfare to Lima and cheap internal flights within Peru. Meaning your trip to Peru won’t break the bank.  In one affordable trip, you can combine the Amazon, Incan ruins, and Lake Titicaca. Along with affordable and short flights, you can enjoy stronger-dollardelicious and inexpensive food and reasonable prices on hotels.

Peru is a great starter country to South America, in one trip you can combine the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and even see a penguin colony! Scroll through our recommended Peru Tours today to stop dreaming and start planning.

Don’t take our word for it, Travel & Leisure featured Peru, Brazil & Argentina on their list of destinations to travel to where your dollar will go far in 2016. Start planning your dream South America tour today. Visit us online at

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