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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Chile Lake District Tours Chiloe

When traveling to Chile, there are a great many different options to choose from – that’s why a customized Chile tour is definitely the best way to go!

Chile is a long and narrow shaped country located between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean and it offers a wide variety of landscapes and climates depending on the region you visit. The landscape varies from the driest desert in the world (Atacama) in northern Chile to glaciers and beautiful mountains in Patagonia (south Chile).  With a customized Chile tour, you will be able to experience them all, or just simply focus on one desired area.

A sure stop in your Chile itinerary will certainly be the capital – called Santiago de Chile – since it holds the main international airport. From here, all domestic routes within Chile will be available and therefore makes it “logistics wise” the best place to start your trip. Santiago de Chile Customized Chile ToursOnce in the capital, it’s worth taking the time to discover what this cosmopolitan city has to offer to its visitors. With the Andes as your background, this city is considered one of the most developed cities throughout the continent.

Moving south to a different region in our customized Chile tour, we can find the Lake District, a beautiful area full of green forests, big mountains and stunning lakes. Customized Chile ToursYou may even call it the Switzerland of South America! Offering a completely different experience and located in northern Chile, we will find the Atacama and its surrounding areas. The recommended thing to do here is a minimum of a 3 night/4 day stay in one of the many lodges in the area. With daily activities, you will be able to experience most of what this area has to offer, such as salt flats, beautiful lagoons with intense colors, and even the Moon Valley.

Overall, Chile is a country of contrasts, side by side with a rich culture and beautiful and virgin natural environment. If you are thinking of visiting the country, don’t hesitate to get a customized Chile tour. can create your ideal customized Chile tour, based on exactly what you want to see and do. Why not give us a call to find out more?