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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

New in Ecuador: World Music Festival is now inΒ  Quito

Updated: April 10, 2018

Musica Mundos 2011 Ecuador Music FestivalHear that music? It’s coming from Quito, Ecuador, this week (October 15-22) during the World Music Festival, or Musicas del Mundo 2011. If you were planning on traveling to Ecuador during this time, whether for a Galapagos Cruise or a mainland Ecuador Tour, now is an excellent time to travel to Ecuador, and Quito especially, since it’s been named the American Cultural Capital of the year.

The World Music Festival 2011 brings together an eclectic mix of musicians and musical genres. Ana Moura from Portugal, the Beijing Opera, and several more international musicians and musical groups will perform during the festival. The Andean Instruments Orchestra, or Orquesta de Instrumentos Andinos, will perform with the internationally-acclaimed flutist from Japan, Hikaru Iwakawa.

A smattering of South American artists will also perform, including Enrique Males, Mauricio Vicencio, and more.

Events are held at the Teatro Nacional Sucre in downtown Quito. Entrance tickets cost $10-20. Find out more about the calendar of events at the Teatre Sucre website.

Named the American Capital of Culture for 2011, Quito has lived up to its reputation by putting on a series of cultural events throughout the year. Other special events in Quito this year have included other acoustic guitar, jazz, and traditional sacred songs festivals, as well as art, science, and more exhibits. The International Bureau of Capitals of Culture (IBOCC) chooses a country to carry the torch of culture each year. Quito has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 32 years (since 1978), and it boasts a vibrant historical center with its 130 monuments and 5000 well-preserved churches and architectural treasures.

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