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Explore the wilderness of Patagonia on a Mare Australis Cruise

Patagonia Cruises

Follow in the footsteps of three of the world’s most famous explorers of all times as you sail across channels and fjords on a Mare Australis Cruises to the end of the world – Cape Horn! Rediscover history as you follow the trails of Magellan, Drake & Darwin while taking in the most breathtaking views and discovering wildlife like nowhere else.

Mare Australis Cruises take travelers to one of the wildest, most remote regions on earth.

Ferdinand Magellan became famous for being the first explorer to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through what is known today as the Strait of Magellan. Sir Francis Drake, an English Sea captain, lent his name to the Drake Passage, the body of water south of Cape Horn, where the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean meet. Darwin, a well-known English naturalist, took 3 journeys on the HMS Beagle observing the wildlife & geography of his surroundings –Β  his observations and meticulous notes have been credited to have made later voyages possible.

Cape Horn Patagon CruisesThe M/V Stella Australis and M/V Via Australis are the expedition cruise ships of Cruceros Australis. The Stella Australis, a luxurious cruise ship constructed in 2010 has 100 cabins and can accommodate 210 passengers while the Via Australis, built in 2005 has room for 136 passengers in 64 cabins. 2 different routes that are being offered make it easy to combine the cruise with other destinations while traveling through the South of Chile and Argentina. Departing from Punta Arenas, Chile and arriving in Ushuaia, Argentina, a 4-night cruise leaves every Saturday, while a 3-night cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas leaves every Wednesday.

During a Mare Australis cruise, daily excursions via Zodiac boats are offered to the passengers. Knowledgeable guides are eager to share their wisdom during the shore excursions as some of the most beautiful places on earth are explored. One of the most awe-inspiring land-excursions is the disembarkation at the mythical Cape Horn, often called the “Mount Everest” of sailing. Their passengers have the chance to visit the monument that was built to remember the many sailors who lost their lives trying to sail around Cape Horn.

Mare Australis Cruises

Other excursions include a visit to Wulaia Bay, one of the most indigenous sites of the region – rich in local legends and stories.Β  After a walk through the Magellanic forest, the trail reaches a beautiful view-point. The panoramic sight of the entire bay is simply breathtaking. Visits to Magdalena Island or Marta Island are just as awe-inspiring as visits to some of the many glaciers in the area. Magdalena Island is home to a giant Penguin colony (about 120,000). While visitors walk to the lighthouse they can observe as the penguins make their way to the water, bathe in the sun, and busy themselves with their daily routine. About 1000 South American Sea Lions call Marta Island their home, which they share with cormorants nesting on the rocks.

At we are happy to help you combine a Mare Australis cruise with other destinations in South America. Taking a cruise through Tierra del Fuego is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is THE perfect way to explore and discover while enjoying the luxuries of a cruise ship.

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