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The Highlights of the Amazon Rainforest by Country

Are you planning a trip to the Amazon Rainforest, but you’re not sure where to go? Don’t fret! While the Amazon Rainforest is spread amongst 9 different countries, each region offers guests a different, but equally incredible Amazonian experience. Read below to discover the Highlights of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia before you plan your dream Amazon Tour. After reading, you’ll know exactly which region of the Amazon is the best fit for you! Oh, and don’t forget to download our Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide! Our guests and travelers swear by it.

Brazilian Amazon

The majority of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil, so why not travel here? In the Brazilian Amazon, there is a wide range of activities to choose from. Brazil offers the most comprehensive options for the Amazon with both lodges and cruises, ranging from high end to low end. Regarding cruises, you can choose from big cruise ships such as the Hurtigruten or Iberostar. If you’re looking for a more intimate atmosphere, you can choose from smaller experience based cruises like the Tucano. Overall, the Amazon region in Brazil offers tourists knowledgeable guides and comfortable accommodations.

Highlights of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil:  Highlights-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest

  • Pink dolphins
  • Piranha
  • The Rio Negro
  • Caiman
  • Water lilies
  • Uakari monkeys
  • Tarantulas

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Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon has many highlights, one being it’s a charming city, Iquitos. Iquitos, Peru is an oasis linked to the outside world by air and river and offers the most luxurious Amazon cruises. They might be a bit pricier than other cruises, but the amenities, style, and comfort are definitely worth the extra cost. For a more accessible city, Puerto Maldonaldo is your best bet, known for both high end and economic lodges. While there are many lodges to choose from in the Peruvian Amazon, we recommend the Tambopata Research Center, located 7 hours from Puerto Maldonaldo. The Tambopata Research Center is an excellent in-depth exploration of authentic Amazonian experience because of its remote location, in an uninhabited wilderness. Frankly, Peru’s Amazon welcomes tourists with open arms!

Highlights of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru: Highlights-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest

  • Macaw and Parrot Clay Licks
  • River Otters
  • Andean Cock of the Rock
  • Lago Sandoval
  • Strangler Fig Trees
  • Northern Jungle Lodges
  • Manu National Park

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Ecuadorian Amazon

Looking for a cruise that won’t break the bank? Ecuador’s cruises are not as luxurious as the cruises offered in Peru, but they do have deluxe ships that are more affordable. And with flights that are exceptionally easy to manage, from Quito to Coca in 30 minutes, Ecuador is the perfect sponsor for stress-free travel. If you go to the Ecuadorian Amazon, Coca is a fantastic spot to get a gist of the last real civilization that exists before the Rio Napo transports you deep into the rainforest to the Yasuni National Park beyond the Amazon basin. Lodges in Ecuador are about 2 hours from Coca by speedboat and another 30 minutes by paddle boat, making for a true Amazonian experience.

Highlights of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador: Highlights-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest

  • Indigenous tribes
  • Ceibo trees
  • The Napo River
  • Hummingbirds
  • Colorful butterflies
  • Yasuni National Park

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Colombian Amazon

Colombia is rugged, with fewer accommodations. With the Amazon Basin covering a third of Colombia’s total area, there is plenty of nature to explore. Most lodging is about 20 minutes outside of Leticia, so the experience is not as authentic. The Colombian Amazon is ideal for people that just want to hang out in nature, but do not want to go deep into the jungle. What might be a more interesting experience, is combining a trip to the city of Leticia with Brazil’s Amazon. Contact one of our Expert Travel Consultants today, and you’ll receive some excellent vacation inspiration on how to combine two countries of the Amazon into one fabulous tour.

Highlights of the Amazon in Colombia:Highlights-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest

  • Diverse plants and species
  • Amacayacú National Park
  • Leticia
  • Mundo Amazónico (a reserve for endangered flora and fauna)
  • The Monkey Island

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Bolivian Amazon

Bolivia’s Amazon is also coarse and not as equipped to handle tourists. Nevertheless, it is 100% on the lost of the highlights of the Amazon Rainforest. There are cheaper options regarding lodging, and this is very authentic as it is rather untouched by tourism and underdeveloped. If you choose Bolivia, make sure to visit the Amazon basin. The Amazon basin is Bolivia’s most fascinating region. With just a few days here, you can explore the jungle, learn about indigenous cultures and traditions, and later venture to the high peaks of Rurrenabaque. While it might not be the first part of the Amazon that tourists look to, it can be a wonderful place to visit.

Highlights of the Amazon in Bolivia: Highlights-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest

  • Amazon basin
  • Madidi National Park
  • The Pampas
  • Rurrenabaque
  • San Ignacio de Moxos
  • Anakonda Cruises

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