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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Brazil is known for its sizzling hot sandy beaches, its lively nightlife, its crystal waters perfect for surfers and sunbathers alike, and its rich cultural traditions are seen in its jazz music, samba dance, and delicious African-influenced cuisine.

But many travelers to Brazil do not know that the country requires a reciprocity fee and visa from citizens of the United States as well as Canada. If you are planning a Brazil tour, make sure that you have a Brazil visa in addition to your passport. Here are some Brazil travel tips on how to get a Brazil visa.

Who Needs a Brazil Visa?

The Brazilian consulate requires a reciprocity fee from citizens of the United States and Canada since those countries require a fee and visa from Brazilians when traveling to their countries. Whether you are traveling to Brazil for a vacation or on business, American and Canadian citizens must obtain Brazil visas. Citizens of many Latin American countries, Europe, Asia, and the UK are exempt. Some countries are exempt from the tourist visa only. You can check online by doing a quick search or going to the Brazilian Consulate General’s website to see if your country of citizenship is exempt. If you are a citizen of an exempt country but are living in a non-exempt country, it is still important that you research the qualifications for your situation carefully.

How to Get a Brazil Visa?

The process for obtaining a Brazil is very strict. To obtain a Brazil visa, you need to go in person to the nearest Brazilian consulate. Brazil visas are not obtained by mail. Do a search online to find a nearby Brazilian consulate; if there are none close by, then you may need to use a visa service or visa agency. There are 1-2 Brazilian consulates in most major US cities. First, make an appointment online or by phone with the consulate to secure a time to meet with a Brazil, visa representative.

What do I Need for a Brazil Visa?

You need an original passport, not copy, for all members of your party. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your flight itinerary and flight tickets or other booking information so that you can prove the purpose of your trip. Make sure that you bring any documentation that may be pertinent to your Brazil travel plans.

How Soon Can I Get a Brazil Visa?

Brazil visas are prepared within 5 business days as of the day received by the Brazilian consulate, but occasionally it can take longer. There is no option for expediting the process, although you can request that your visa be rushed.

Follow these necessary steps for how to get a Brazil visa, and you will be on your way to the Brazil vacation of a lifetime!

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