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Last updated on January 11th, 2019 at 07:44 pm

There are many Argentina Tours one can visit while in Argentina, but one Argentina tour you should NEVER miss is a visit to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of South America and UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Iguassu Falls (also spelled Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Iguaçu Falls in Brazil). Iguassu Falls Argentina Tours are the best way to explore this wonder!

Iguassu Falls borders both Argentina and Brazil. Each country offers unique and different viewing perspectives of the falls.

I recently went on an Iguassu Falls Argentina Tour and it truly was awe-inspiring. The day started early where I, and another couple from Finland were picked up at our hotels and brought to the border of Argentina where we met with the rest of the group and transferred to the Iguassu National Park Argentina side.

Our experienced guide, Raul, who has been leading tours to Iguassu Falls for over 25 years, advised us how important it is to get to the Falls early in the morning to avoid the crowds and to be able to take photos without the possibility of others in your shots.

We passed through the gates and waited to board the tiny train (one that you might see while you are in Disneyland) that would bring us to the beginning of our journey of Iguassu Falls.

We disembarked the train and started our walk along the myriad of metal catwalks above the Iguassu River. Keep your eyes open for all different bird species and other live creatures. I was lucky enough to spot a cayman lounging on a large rock just a few feet away from the elevated catwalk.

As walked along the catwalk, getting closer to the first and largest of the falls we would see, Devil’s Throat (also known as Garganta del Diablo – 269 ft (82m) high, 492.1 ft (150m) wide, 2,296 ft (700m long), I could hear the thunder of the falls and see the mist in the distance and my footsteps became quicker. I rounded the corner and there I stood above the most spectacular waterfall I have ever seen in my life. It’s magnitude simply took my breath away. As our guide had promised, we were one of the firsts to be there to witness the falls. After 20 minutes or so of watching and marveling over the water cascading down, we made our way back past the ever-increasing crowds, to our guide where we would hop back on our train and visit the lower falls. The lower falls allow you to get closer to the falls and feel the spray of the river as it’s plummeting down.

Another not-to-miss Iguassu Falls Argentina Tour while is the Great Adventure Boat Ride. It is a boat ride on the river that gives you a completely different perspective of the falls. With lifejacket adorn and pack (given to each passenger to keep camera equipment and other valuables dry), I boarded our large Zodiac-type vessel. After a brief introduction to our captain and the crew, we were on our way. We pushed our way through the raging rapids close the edge of the falls – close enough so that we could take our cameras out and photograph or videotape the falls from the base of the waterfall. After everyone had ample time to take their photos we were instructed to put our cameras away securely and we made our way up even closer to the falls. The captain positioned the boat so that the left side would get the spray and feel the water and then did the same for the other side. You could feel the “roar” of the water and the immense power these falls have – truly an experience I will not soon forget.

We traveled down the river where you could see where the rapids started to slow down and the river became slower. We saw birds on the river’s edge and flying above. We disembarked our boat and boarding our open-air truck for our ride back through the jungle to the entrance of the park – all along the way where our general naturalist told us about the flora and fauna of the jungle within the park.

The next morning we were picked up by our same guide, Raul, and brought to the Brazilian side of the falls where we got a completely different perspective of the falls. Although the catwalks and trails are shorter you still get amazing views of Iguassu Falls. On the Brazilian side, you get distant panoramic views of the Argentina side (including San Martin Island in which you don’t get a great viewing of while on the Argentine side) and you get more frontal views of the extraordinary Devil’s Throat.

It is worth seeing the falls from BOTH SIDES. They are different, but beautifully and equally worthwhile.To get the full experience and magnitude of Iguassu Falls, it is best to plan at least a day and a half to explore both sides of Iguassu Falls.

I would also suggest visiting the Bird Park located in Brazil close the entrance to the Falls. The Bird Park is a private sanctuary where they have built huge aviaries to blend with the subtropical forest. Here you can see up close the rare and colorful birds most of us can only hear when walking through the jungle. You also have opportunities to view caymans, anacondas, pythons, marmosets and butterflies.

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