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Friends Make the Already Breathtaking Machu Picchu of Peru Even Better! Explore Peru!

When Joyce was contacted by her friends in Thailand about a trip to Peru in 2014, she initially thought that she would just be along for the ride. She was a little surprised when they handed her a well-researched plan for their desired destinations and told her to make it happen. Joyce found herself going from tagalong to trip planner very quickly. Her friends established an ideal itinerary for a Peruvian excursion — Lima to Cuzco, then the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, before concluding at Lake Titicaca —  the problem was, no one knew how to begin booking the trip. Joyce shared with us that “this daunting task was made extremely easy and pleasant because I found on the internet while researching altitude sickness in the Andes.”

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Joyce continued:

“Jennifer Salinas, Travel Consultant with popped up on my screen when I was studying their website. She asked which places in Peru we were interested in. I gave her the names of the places my friends had identified, and a brief profile and requirements of our group of four. Jennifer’s emails were friendly and informative. Within a few days, she forwarded a draft itinerary and cost of the land tour and air fares for Lima to Cuzco, and Puno to Lima. We studied the itinerary and requested a few changes, and wallah! the trip was confirmed and transactions completed! Hotel bookings were also made on our behalf, and the itinerary showed the names and facilities of hotels. So much to look forward to, besides the renowned destinations!

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“Jennifer continued to provide timely and important responses to our further enquires about foreign exchange, vaccinations, visas, climate and temperatures in the various destinations, and more! She demonstrated patience and understanding, whatever the concerns we had. Her assurances were fulfilled especially in the reliability and punctuality of meetings with local tour guides and transfers in arranged vehicles. It was reassuring to have local office phone numbers to call, and to confirm that we were not alone! Jennifer kept in touch throughout our stay in Peru, sending good wishes all the way.”

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Jennifer enjoyed working with Joyce and her group as well, commenting, “she had lots of questions but was always very grateful for the information.”

Jennifer continued:

“Joyce was traveling in a group and had never used a travel consultant before so they had a lot of questions about how the whole process would work, who would pick them up, how schedules were communicated, etc. I provided lots of information about visas, immunizations, weather, and what to pack. Joyce emailed me several times throughout their trip, just to give me a summary of what has happened, and I was quick to reply. I think they were reassured that I was there during their trip (emailing) if they had any questions as well as our emergency numbers.”

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Book It: Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca

Joyce shared her thoughts on the sites, guides and overall experience:

“Our local guides were excellent, opening worlds unknown to us before, and sharing the pride and distinctiveness of being Peruvian. Martin Carrillo was our lively and gracious guide from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley. Youthful Walter Calsina greeted us in Aguas Calientes as we boarded the bus that took us on our first entrance to Machu Picchu. We spent three to four hours together marveling at the ancient citadel nestled in the cloud forest heights. Melaton Taco met us back in Cuzco, to take us by road in a spacious and comfortable Renault tourer through the Sacred Valley southwards to the highest point before entering the Andean Altiplano safely on to Puno.”

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About Travel Consultant Jennifer:

jennifer salinas

Jennifer was born and raised in Seattle, WA, but has lived and traveled abroad extensively. She has called many exotic locations home including the Big Island of Hawaii, Santa Barbara and Carmel, California, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca and Cancun, Mexico. Her love of travel began with a trip as a teenager to the island of Kauai and her favorite country in South America is Brazil. She loves to see wildlife and has had the opportunity to visit both the Amazon and the Pantanal. Read Jennifer’s blog posts, send her an email or call her direct at 1-800-747-4540. 

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*All slideshow images courtesy of Joyce via Flickr/SweetGinger