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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Talk2Brazil Brazil RadioJust yesterday afternoon, Tom Reaoch, the host of Talk2Brazil, interviewed our CEO Juergen Keller on LATalkRadio. The focus of this live radio interview was to offer Brazil travel info and tips on where to go in Brazil, what to see, and what to expect when traveling through the vast and beautiful country of Brazil.

Juergen Keller CEO SouthAmerica.travelJuergen Keller co-founded back in 1999, and carries with him two decades of experience in traveling throughout Brazil. Juergen loves to share about Brazil – whether its economics, geography, the latest current events, or just an insider’s tip on where to stay when venturing into the Amazon Rainforest.

Tom Reaoch runs a radio show called Talk2Brazil, which features movers and shakers in Brazil’s business sector. Because tourism is growing in importance to Brazil’s economy, it only makes sense that Talk2Brazil would want to have Juergen come on the show.

Juergen’s knowledge of South America is extensive, and his passion for travel to South America is contagious. Listen to more Radio Interviews and Podcasts with Juergen.

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