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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

8 Most Luxurious Beach Resorts in Brazil

Brazil makes up nearly half of the land in South America and because of this, Brazil has an abundance of cultures and landscapes.  Part of this diversity includes some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. After you have explored the major highlights in Brazil – whether it be witnessing the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, the sheer wonder of Iguazu Falls, or an Amazon Rainforest Tour – end your tour in total relaxation at one of Brazil’s best beach resorts in northern, eastern or southern Brazil. So whether you are looking for a Brazil Beach Resorts vacation or simply a luxury & guided Brazil tour, this complete guide to the Most Luxurious Beach Resorts in Brazil has you covered!

Northern Brazil – Beach Resorts in Brazil

Jericoacoara is located in Northern Brazil.  This is a small and unique fishing village with some of the best beaches and coves in Brazil.  Jericoacoara is known for being one of best beach towns in Northern Brazil – and that means something! Here are two of the best resorts I recommend staying at.

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Pousada Vila Kalango

Vila Kalango is an incredible beach resort in Brazil surrounded by sand dunes and spectacular sunsets. This pousada integrates with nature. Ground floor apartments open up to a beautiful garden and the pool overlooks the rolling sand dunes and the sea. The restaurant prides itself on serving the best flavors of northeastern Brazilian cuisine. The hotel has a strong emphasis on sustainability and pride itself on using locally-sourced goods and recycled materials.


Pousada Jeribá

Located in Ceará State, Pousada Jeribá was carefully designed taking into account the pristine nature of Jericoacoara National Park and the humble origins of this old fisherman village. The beautiful swimming pools and wooden interior creates an enchanting environment, ideal for travelers seeking a relaxing getaway. Guests can unwind at the spa or enjoy a health treatment by the ocean. Each apartment comes with luxurious showers, balconies with hammocks, and 5 Star amenities making it the perfect beach resort in Brazil.


Eastern Brazil – Beach Resorts in Brazil

Kiaroa Eco-Luxury Resort

This resort is a natural paradise in an almost untouched region of Brazil and is a short 45-minute flight from Salvador Airport. This is a perfect destination for honeymooners.  The Kiaroa Eco-Luxury Resort is located on the Marau Peninsula, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest.  Relax on the beach or explore this remote region.

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The Txai Resort

This is another exclusive beach resort in Brazil that combines luxury and eco-tourism. Voted “Best Waterside Hotel” in South America by Conde Nast, Johansens Luxury Hotel Guide, this resort lives up to every expectation. Relax on the white sandy beaches or unwind at the world-class spa.


Porto de Galinhas is a small beach town, south of Recife. This has been considered the “Best Brazil Beach” by readers of the Travel & Tourism magazine. This quiet destination features natural tidal pools in the warm, clear Atlantic water. Here’s the best resort to stay in Porto de Galinhas.

Nannai Resort & Spa

On top of being located on arguably the best beach in Brazil, this resort has an incredible series of pools – 6000 square meters to be exact. There are a number of water sports available if you are looking to stay active, along with spas, saunas, and hydrotherapies if you are looking to relax. The resort restaurant offers the best regional cuisine, along with a large wine selection. This is truly a luxury resort experience.


Morro de Sao Paulo 

Is a charming beach town known for having no cars and only one road. Here you have a number of great beaches to choose from. This allows for a remote experience where you can relax and explore without the excess noise! The accommodations on Morro de Sao Paulo are not as upscale as some of the other beach resorts in Brazil because it is a small quaint beach town.  Choose from a number of great pousadas that capture the essence of the island. I highly recommend Pousada Villa Dos Corais as the premier option.



Southern Brazil – Beach Resorts In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most incredible cities and most popular destinations in all of South America. It is famous for combining beauty and energy. If you are looking for a quiet beach in Rio, it’ll be hard to find! The good news is, there are two nearby options that are more quiet and relaxing than Rio.

Ilha Grande

This is the adventurous option located just outside of Rio. Like Morro de Sao Paulo, there are no cars on the island. The terrain of Ilha Grande makes it more dynamic than the average beach destination. The dense green hills contain great vegetation and provide spectacular views from the top. This creates a great opportunity to explore in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon. Lopes Mendes beach is one of the most incredible beaches and is a must-see. With regards to accommodation, Ilha Grande is similar to Morro de Sao Paulo in that there are not any luxury resorts, but instead, there are plenty of beautiful pousadas that offer a more cultural experience. I recommend Pousada Naturalia as the best option.



Buzios is the more upscale beach option near Rio de Janeiro. It is also the more classic beach resort experience with plenty of restaurants and upscale accommodations. If you are looking to spend most of your time relaxing on the beach, enjoying luxurious amenities and eating delicious food, then Buzios is the place for you. Pousadas Casas Brancas is the clear choice for accommodation in Buzios – take a look at our feature article for more information on Pousadas Casas Brancas.

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Be sure to ask your Travel Consultant about adding one of these beach resorts in Brazil to your custom tour!