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Why You Need A Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni Tour Guide

Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni can be difficult to explore by yourself, especially if you are a first-time traveler in South America. That is why a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide is essential. Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni Tours are two tours that are better off explored and explained with experienced, local tour guides from legit companies. In this blog, find out why you should use a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide rather than risk exploring these two places on your own.

After reading this blog, you’ll understand that a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide is the best way to go, and you will know why Peru and Bolivia tours are better done with the help of others. There is knowledge to gain, stories to hear and overall a better experience to enjoy alongside a trusty guide! 

Let’s get started! 

What do Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guides Do?

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Tours to Machu Picchu and Bolivia are much more enjoyable alongside a professional, experienced tour guide. Machu Picchu Tour Guides take visitors around the various stone monuments and around the site. Guides explain where they are, what it is they are standing on, the history of the land and the Incas, and the many theories of what happened in the past. Don’t just take a photo here, take in the wealth of knowledge from the locals so that Machu Picchu becomes just a little bit more familiar. Also, if you choose to coordinate with a guide, your Machu Picchu tickets may be provided!

Uyuni Salt Flat tour companies and guides offer to drive guests around the salt flats in safari-style jeeps while explaining the history of the fascinating landscape. It is necessary to have an experienced, professional driver and guide in Uyuni to receive the best experience possible.

Why is a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide essential?

First off, a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide will help you learn all the vital history and cultural nuances of your Machu Picchu Tour and Uyuni Salt Flats Tour. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Machu Picchu Tour Guides

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Machu Picchu may be internationally well-known, but the art of exploring the site can be a bit more mysterious. Technically, it is not required to have a guide for Machu Picchu but I would strongly encourage you to use one! If you have a guide, you’re able to understand what it actually is that you’re standing on, and you can learn about the historical importance of Machu Picchu and the many theories of how Machu Picchu came to be. 

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Hiring a Machu Picchu guide can be difficult. That is why it is best to contact a travel consultant. There are plenty of unreliable companies that may take advantage of first-time Machu Picchu visitors. It’s best to contact an expert travel consultant that has connections with official tour guides of Machu Picchu. That way, you are paying for the best service possible and the best tour of Machu Picchu!

Salar de Uyuni Tour Guides

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

If you’re considering traveling to Bolivia to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats, you need a Uyuni Tour Guide! The main reason why you should use a Uyuni Tour Guide? Well, simply put, all tours in Uyuni must be with a professional guide and driver. You should not try and tour the salt flats on your own because driving on the salt flats is a crucial part of a visit. This drive should be done by a professional, who knows their way around the salt flats. With a local, expert driver you won’t have to worry about driving on the flats. You can sit back, listen and learn about the history of the land. Afterall, what’s the point of exploring a new place, if you’re not going to learn about how it came to be? 

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Uyuni Tours require a minimum one night stay. This means travelers can arrive in Uyuni, explore the salt flats on a full-day tour and then have the rest of the night spent at their own leisure. Then, the following day can be another day of exploration, including anything that wasn’t checked off the list on the first day. There are 1 & 2-night packages that include solely the salt flat area, or travelers can find 2 or 3-night packages that include the salt flats, the colorful lakes, and lagoons. It’s also good to note that all tours are done on jeeps.

To arrange a tour guide, you should definitely contact an expert travel consultant. There are a lot of unreliable suppliers that do not operate with reliable vehicles. Expert Travel Consultants can arrange guided Uyuni Salt Flat tours with the best suppliers that operate with the best vehicles (that do not risk of breaking down en route) and have the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides.

When Should I Visit Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu has two distinct seasons, the wet season and the dry season. The dry season is from April to October and that is the best time to visit Machu Picchu. During this time, the temperature is warm and there is very little rain. The heaviest rainfall is in February. At this time, the Inca Trail path is closed for maintenance. However, as October and November approaches, the rain from the wet season make for beautiful blossoming orchids.

When Should I Visit Uyuni? 

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Now that we know that a Machu Picchu and Uyuni Tour Guide is vital to enjoying your trip, let’s explore when to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats.
The rainy season in Uyuni is from December to March. During this time of the year, visiting the salt flats can be a bit troublesome because the salt flat is partially flooded and the tours can be modified. However, for many people, the rainy season is the most beautiful time to visit Uyuni. With the rain, the salt flats become a vast mirror reflecting the lights, colors, and shapes of the sky above. It’s a paradise for photographers and artists to make great reflection-based compositions.
machu picchu and uyuni tour guide
During the dry season, April to October, the weather is more stable. Even though there is no mirror effect, the salt flat is a giant white dessert which extends endlessly beyond the horizon. Photographers like to play with the scale and depth of perspective at this time. It’s quite the experience!

What Should I add to a Machu Picchu & Bolivia Salt Flats Tour?

Now that you know you need a Machu Picchu and Uyuni tour guide, let’s discover what you should add on to your trip! If you’re looking to add on to combine any Machu Picchu and Salar de Uyuni Tours with another destination, here’s a list of great options:

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Cusco, Peru

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Puno, Peru

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Arequipa, Peru

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

La Paz, Bolivia

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

machu picchu and uyuni tour guide

The Atacama Desert, Chile (typical add-on after visiting Uyuni)

There are a plethora of wonderful destinations in between Machu Picchu and Uyuni. Consider adding a trip to La Paz, a city way up high, or to the sparkling blue Lake Titicaca lake, Arequipa, or the exotic Madidi National Park. Some people even like adding on a trip to the Amazon Rainforest! Any Machu Picchu to Uyuni tour can be complemented with any of those destinations. If you’d like to explore for yourself, check out our Peru and Bolivia Tours combined!

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