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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Travel Consultant, Clara Tort, recently went on the Spirit of the Glaciers, MarPatag Patagonia cruise. Follow along as she whisks us past glaciers, ice fields and pristine wild landscapes.

Spirit of the Glaciers MarPatag Patagonia Cruise

The Patagonian ice field is the largest ice concentration on the planet outside the Polar Regions. Its glaciers descend from 1,500 to 200 meters above sea level, creating a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most spectacular views on the planet. Los Glaciares National Park combines magnificent forests, lakes, mountains, ice and steppes with more than 200 glaciers. The three most famous glaciers are the Spegazzini with its face rising 135 meters above sea level, Upsala covering an entire valley with an approximate extension of 765 Km2 and a length of 52km, and Perito Moreno continuously moving forward and calving.

The MarPatag Patagonia Cruise Ship

Marpatag patagonia cruise vessel

Patagonia Tours & Cruises are the best way to experience what the icy terrain has to offer. The Spirit of Glaciers cruise is a three-day expedition that takes you to parts of Patagonia’s Lake Argentina that are unexplored and only accessible on this cruise. The elegant and exclusive M/V Santa Cruz vessel was specially designed for cruising past these glaciers. The ship offers the perfect combination of high-end comfort and spectacular cuisine creating incredible memories that will last a lifetime.  The cruise has 20 cabins with a maximum capacity of 40 people. Gourmet meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with meals are included. Bilingual expert guides lead excursions and activities!

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Day 1: Cocktail & Puesto de las Vacas

Marpatag patagonia cruise Night WalkBegin your journey in Puerto Bandera, only a few kilometers from El Calafate. Every Tuesday and Friday from September to April, the cruise sets sail. Upon boarding, enjoy a welcome cocktail as the vessel departs towards Puesto de las Vacas. Puesto de las Vacas is a beautiful secluded shore where guests have the option to disembark and go for a short walk before dinner.  I recommend taking advantage of these shore landings to get a real feel for Patagonia.

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Day 2: Spengazzini Glacier & Upsala Glacier

Marpatag patagonia cruise - Hike The next morning you will disembark for another morning hike towards an astonishing viewpoint of the Spegazzini Glacier. Snap some photos of the impressive glacier before heading back to the vessel. Enjoy lunch on the ship and continue sailing towards Upsala Glacier, the third longest glacier in South America, and sadly, one of the most rapidly retreating glaciers. Take some photos of the glacier as it will likely be very different in the years to come. In the afternoon you will arrive in Bahia Toro. Go on a mild walk around the Patagonian forest, just before dinner on the ship.

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Day 3: Zodiac Excursion & Perito Moreno Glacier

Marpatag patagonia cruise - Perito Moreno GlacierThe third day begins with a zodiac excursion to Mayo and Negro glaciers. Here is where you will see a glimpse into the Andean-Patagonian forest, unique to the region. The picturesque mountains and greenery capture all travelers. Return to the cruise so you can get ready for the main event. Enjoy lunch as you approach the greatest attraction in the National Park: Perito Moreno Glacier. Disembark from the ship and walk along the different catwalks to see a few of the impressive viewpoints of Perito Moreno.  Sit back and watch for calving and listen for the loud bang as the ice crashes into the water. In the afternoon board the vessel and return to Puerto Bandera, finishing the three-day glacier adventure.

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Packing Tips for the MarPatag Patagonia Cruise

  • warm jacket
  • waterproof jacket
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • hiking boots
  • hat & gloves
  • small day pack
  • water bottle

Are you ready to book the MarPatag Patagonia Cruise to see Argentina’s most beautiful glaciers? Call us today! Any of our expert Travel Consultants would be happy to help you plan your dream Patagonia cruise. Get a quote for this cruise and additional tours in Patagonia today!

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