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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

brazil tourist e-visa

All-New Brazil Tourist e-Visa and Reduced Fees for US Citizens!


Brazil has NEW and IMPROVED Visa Requirements for US Citizens.  Starting January 25th, 2018, the current visa requirements for a Brazil Tourist e-Visa to Brazil for US Citizens have changed.

Under the new rules, US Citizens are eligible for a Brazil Tourist e-Visa’s. This new rule also applies to Business Visas for US Citizens traveling to Brazil. 

The entire process now only takes 72 hours to process and we have already seen guests traveling to Brazil getting issued e-Visas.

This is BIG news for travelers to Brazil. The new law for Tourist Visas to Brazil will benefit an estimated 600,000 US Citizens traveling to Brazil in 2018 alone!

In the past, a Brazilian Visa for US Citizens would have cost you $160 USD and required you apply weeks in advance.

During the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Brazil reduced the Visa fee for US Citizens from $160 to $0. This helped promote tourism and stimulated the economy.  This reduction in fees is a great way to encourage guests to travel to the wonderful country of Brazil.  Make sure you ask your Travel Consultant or Tour Guide what your specific country requirements are for visas.  These requirements are based on your nationality and change often.  It is VERY important you stay up to date with them as you plan your trip to Brazil.

This is great news for travelers considering a trip to Brazil! We look forward to the visa process being quicker and easier as more guests travel to amazing Brazil!

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