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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Get to know South America on our new 37-day itinerary!

Introducing the New South America Coast to Coast Tour

I started working at after taking an extended trip with a friend. We traveled overland wherever we could, largely avoiding airports. This allowed us to take in the epic landscapes and traditional villages which make South America worth exploring. That trip changed my life for the better, and I am excited to finally share this itinerary with others!

For those looking to really do South America, our Coast to Coast Tour is the way to go. This tour begins at the desert coastline of the Pacific, traverses the mighty Andes mountain range, spans four countries, and ends on the beaches of the Atlantic. More in-depth than the average two-week vacation, a longer trip provides a more immersive experience, and visiting several countries allows a traveler to understand what makes each one unique.

Please note that this trip is best suited to the moderately fit and adventurous. However, we can further customize until it fits your needs.

Along the way you will learn about ancient history, visit contrasting cultures, view tropical wildlife, world-class art and architecture, taste unique wines, photograph unforgettable waterfalls, ride in scenic gondolas, ride mountainous railways, cruise aboard a catamaran, appreciate delicious cuisines, peruse handicraft markets, enjoy an evening of sultry tango, hike along Incan pathways, step through lunar moonscapes, and relax on beaches with some free time to reflect upon it all.

Here are three highlights included in the Coast to Coast Tour:


The Amazon Rainforest - Coast to Coast TourIf you’re at least mildly interested in wildlife, a visit to the Amazon rainforest is a big highlight of this itinerary. Several days in the jungle allows you to catch the action at dawn when the oropendolas (weaver birds) belt out their signature songs. During the daytime, you can search by canoe for giant river otters and other unique animals, and step out after dark to spot the creatures of the night. I visited Refugio Amazonas when it first opened, and have been impressed ever since with the balance they strike between comfortable lodging and placing a strong focus on the rainforest itself.   

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Uyuni Bolivia - Coast to Coast Tour A steam engine lost in the desert, staring out across a flat expanse of salt. This is but one facet of the remote, alien landscapes scattered across southwest Bolivia. Several days exploring around Uyuni is an essential experience while journeying across South America. Formed by an ancient lake which escaped its shores, there is simply nothing else like this anywhere on the planet. As a bonus, you can cross overland into northern Argentina where you will reunite with civilization in the charming city of Salta.

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Punta del Este

Punta del Este - Coast to Coast Tour Spending some free time on the beach is the best way to end a long trip. Uruguay’s coastline is dotted with dunes, and the beaches around Punta del Este can be experienced in a number of ways. For those in search of luxury, the main peninsula offers everything from shimmering resorts for sun worshipers to properties tucked away from the crowds and boasting intriguing architecture. For those with simple tastes, there are peaceful hotels and bungalows with views of the sea. Take day trips to charming Cabo Polonio, and the famous sculpture art found at the Pablo Atchugarry Museum.

Finally, indulge in some well-deserved R&R, and think back over the amazing trip you’ve had as you gaze out at those Uruguayan sunsets.

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