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Founder of the Modern Inca Empire

Pachacuti is the Founder of the Modern Incan Empire. Today, let’s explore who is Pachacuti, how did the Inca empire start, the history and where the Inca empire is, and see all the best Inca Ruins Tours., the world’s leading Inca Ruins Tour Provider!

Who is Pachacuti?


Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, Pachakutiq Inka Yupanki, or just Pachacuti is the founder of the Modern Inca Empire. He was born in Cusco, Peru in 1438 and died in Cusco in 1471. Pachacuti reigned over the Inca Empire from 1438-1472 as the ninth Sapa Inca of the Kingdom of Cusco, which he later made into the Inca Empire.

His parents were named Viracocha Inca & Mama Runtucaya and he is classified as part of the Hanan dynasty of Peru.

Pachacuti was truly the first Inca ruler and one of the greatest Inca of all-time.


Saksaywaman ruins which were built by Pachacuti.

What does the word Pachacuti mean?

Pachacuti means “He who remakes the world”.

How appropriate is that!

Where was the Inca Empire?


A map of the Inca Empire that Pachacuti ruled over.

The Inca Empire that Pachacuti rule was named Tawantinsuyu. The center of the empire was his home in Cusco, however, as you can see the empire stretched from Northern Ecuador and modern Quito, all through western Peru into the Peruvian Andes, into Bolivia surrounding Lake Titicaca, and expanded through Northern Chile and Argentina into the Atacama desert.

What is Pachacuti so famous?

Pachacuti is most famous for designing the modern Inca empire, including many of it’s most famous sites. The most famous of these sites include Machu Picchu, Saksaywaman, and Qurikancha. Building these sites was incredibly important because of the rapid expansion and fortification of the Inca empire is a huge contributing factor to what makes the Inca Empire so great. Yes, Cusco is the heart of the Inca civilization, however, if you look around you can find absolutely breathtaking ruins sprawled through much of western South America. As a central figure in the rise of the Inca Kingdom, Pachacuti created legends, myths, and stories around his experiences, teaching, and life, and through these stories and writing, we are able to put together a timeline of his experiences.


He truly rose to power on his own, built an empire, government, Machu Picchu, and modernized Cusco and much of the rest of Peru all through his vision and direction.

Again, most famously, he is credited with ordering the building of Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It is still unknown whether the ruins of Machu Picchu Ruins were there because they were a sacred prayer ground for kings, a secret hiding place, or a fortress to fight from. Either way, Machu Picchu was founded in roughly 1450 and then abandoned following the death of its founder, Pachacuti.

Where can I see his work in Peru?

Whether you are in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, trekking on an Inca Trail Tour, or exploring Machu Picchu, his work is evident all across the Inca Ruins.

When in Cusco, visit the Museo Inka to learn all about the Inka empire and his legacy!

When planning your dream Machu Picchu tour or Inca Trail Tour, remember to tell your Expert Travel Consultant at that you want to learn and see things related to Pachucuti and they will design an extra special trip to check out all the best of his legacy and empire. They can even guide you in getting some background and doing some reading about him before your journey so you are ready to expand your horizon and knowledge on your trip to Peru.

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