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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

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Peru is a large and diverse country with a lot to offer. We often focus on Machu Picchu as a popular travel attraction, but the country is known for so much more. Join us as we take a look at the news and events taking place in this vibrant South American nation.

Mistura food festival takes place in early September

Lima is fairly well known for being one of the food capitals of South America, pleasing foodies with culinary delights that are distinctly Peruvian. Thus, it is fitting that Peru is home to the largest food festival in Latin America. It’s called the Mistura and it has been running continuously since 2008. 30,000 foreigners are expected to attend the event, which takes place in Costa Verde September 5-14. More than 200 restaurants and bars participate and the list was just released last week amid a great deal of anticipation. The Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomia (APEGA) was very secretive this year in selecting and announcing those businesses that would take part. The festival has created so much interest that organizers have had to issue a guarantee that all who show up will be allowed access.

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‘New’ Nazca Lines discovered after sandstorm

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10_optIt’s not often that something likely created between 800-100BC can be considered new. That appears to be the case with the recent discovery of more Nazca lines, exposed by strong winds and a sandstorm that recently swept through the famous region, located 400km south of Lima. A local pilot made the discovery during a routine flight through the area, observing a 60 meter long snake, a hummingbird, another bird and a zigzag. The ancient geoglyphs cover more than 280 square miles and include famous images of monkeys, parrots and spiders as well as designs. The area was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

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Weavers Awards celebrate traditions that go back thousands of years

Weaver_optFor the people of the Andes, weaving blankets and other clothing is a way of life that goes about as far back as they do. However, these ancient traditions were nearly lost — or at least severely reduced — until the Weavers Awards came along 10 years ago in Cuzco. The annual event takes place in the Chinchero district and attracts hundreds of artisans from nearby towns and villages who once again have a reason to hone their craft. Organizers recognized that the tradition of weaving was losing out to the economic constraints placed on it by modern textiles. Now, nearly 600 weavers compete for a US$10,000 prize and those who don’t win often sell enough materials to make it worth the time and effort required to create these unique works of art. This year, the winning quilt took more than 800 hours to produce and required the skills of several weavers in order to produce the 100 squares it’s made up of.

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Peruvian currency the ‘sol’ drops in value against the dollar

Potential good news for those who plan to travel to Peru in the near future for great food, handmade clothing and other wares as the Central Reserve Bank of Peru has indicated a decrease in the value of the sol as compared to the dollar.

2013 tourism numbers show Peru is a hot destination

The numbers are in and the Latin Business Chronicle points to the Latin Tourism Index as proof that Peru had the largest growth in tourism arrivals year over year out of 20 nations for 2013. More than 3 million foreigners visited the country during the year, bringing with them $72 billion in tourism dollars for the national economy. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism hopes to eventually attract between 10 and 15 million guests a year.

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