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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

2016 Olympics in Brazil

Listen to this 10 minute Radio Podcast with Juergen Keller on the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. CEO, Juergen Keller, joins host Ric Bratton on “This Week in America” to discuss traveling to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.  If you’re thinking about going to Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics, then tune in to this 10-minute Radio Podcast or read the summary below.

2016 Olympics in Brazil

Question: The Olympics are less than a year away (August 5-21, 2016) is Brazil ready to host this event?

Everyone is quite optimistic about the progress Brazil has made so far. Yes, some things have been delayed, but not as much as people initially feared and not as much as other cities that have hosted the Olympics.  The city is already starting to look even more beautiful.

Question: When should people start booking their flights for the Olympics?

Flights fill up fast, we recommend booking your flights as soon as possible. For events like this, they typically give the best seats away to those of “high status,” but if you book far enough in advance you can find a good seat.

Question: What about hotels? How can people start booking their accommodations?

Currently, the International Olympic Committee has blocked out most of the hotels.  Eventually, hotel bookings will open up.  Right now we have some hotel’s that we can book accommodations for our guests.  Keep in mind that hotels might not be available immediately, but putting your name on a waiting list is a great option.

Question: How will Brazilians greet the world for the Olympics?

Not only is Brazil a safe and welcoming country, but Brazilians are excited to host the Olympics.

“Brazilians are friendly people by nature… And Brazil greeted the world with open hearts and minds during the world cup”

Rio de Janeiro recently hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup and attendees were impressed and excited with how the city transformed to accommodate the tourists. The World Cup gave Rio a head start for building stadiums, cleaning up the beaches, and developing the infrastructure to support these events.

Question: What about tourists that don’t speak Portuguese? Will that be a problem?

This will not be a problem.  Brazilians will find a way to communicate with you because Brazilians embrace people and they want to become your friend.

Question: What else can people do in Brazil after the Olympics?

Brazil is a huge country with plenty to do.  If you’re planning on attending the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, make sure to spend additional time exploring the rest of South America.  Finish your trip on a cruise through the Amazon Rainforest, or fly to Iguazu Falls and explore the mighty falls.

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