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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

When you think of miles and miles of beautiful beaches, think Rocha, Uruguay. Uruguay may be small, but it is mighty. With around 400 miles of coastline, it has some of the best beaches in the world. The most popular beach destinations in Uruguay are in the eastern Department of Rocha. Here you will find 100 of miles of largely untouched and seemingly unknown beaches. The temperature here is always warm, offering guests the pleasure of surfing, swimming or laying out at the beach. The captivating charm of Uruguay’s beaches makes for a great place for tourists of all tastes.

Read on to discover Travel Consultant, Jared Karp’s, favorite destinations along Uruguay’s beautiful coast.

Rocha Uruguay Coastal Beaches

La Paloma

This quaint seaside town on Uruguay’s southeastern coast is a fantastic place to visit. The Lighthouse of Cabo Santa Maria overlooks the Atlantic, near traditional fishermen cottages. Visit the two nearby bays of calm waters, Bahía Chica and Bahía Grande. You can also check to see if the Centro Cultural La Paloma is hosting any cultural events. For strong surf, visit Los Botes beach or for wildlife, visit Laguna de Rocha to see the wetland reserve inhabited by migratory birds.

Rocha Uruguay coastal beaches

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo, located on the eastern coast of Uruguay, used to be a sleepy fishing village but is now a bustling city for tourism during the summer months, although it is a great destination year round. I loved spending time here, the crashing waves and laid-back attitude made for a relaxing trip. Just the energy of the town and the beauty of its surroundings was enough to keep me hanging around.

Cabo Polonio

Only about 20 miles away from Punta del Diablo lies a unique beach town. Without roads or powerlines, Cabo Polonio feels as though it has created its own charming world. Stroll along the beach, peruse the local crafts, visit the large colony of sea lions, or bask in the unrivaled individuality of the town. Without the hustle of regular cities, time here seems to slow down, creating room for inner peace.

Rocha Uruguay Coastal Beaches

Arriving in Cabo Polonio: Since there are no roads or power lines, getting to Cabo Polonio is an adventure. Many choose taking multiple buses and a jeep-buggy ride. During the 40-min journey, you will pass by sweeping dunes and an ancient forest before arriving at the coast where the small town is nestled. Your memorable ride into town will remind you that all the effort you put into visiting Cabo Polonio was well worth it.

Rocha Uruguay Coastal Beaches

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Santa Teresa

There are a number of quaint little beach towns and national parks to visit in Santa Teresa. Tourists and locals alike, enjoy exploring the seaside forested area of Santa Teresa National Park. Adventurous travelers who appreciate the great outdoors, flock to Santa Teresa for its strong surf, powerful winds and endless beauty.

When to Visit

For an active vacation, visit certain destinations such as Punta del Diablo, during the high season. Throughout these months, there will be plenty of locals partying at the town’s popular night clubs or on the beach with the vacationers. Winter, on the other hand, is much quieter and possibly lovelier. During these months, people enjoy wide-open beaches, ideal surfing conditions and relaxing. Absent from crowds, the low season in Punta del Diablo (as well as other beach destinations in Uruguay) is the perfect coastal getaway from the noisy, fast-paced lifestyle that thrives in the city.

Extra Sites

Some other little towns that merit a visit include Agua Dulces and Valizas. No matter which destinations you are fortunate enough to visit you will be delighted and left with a sense of gratitude.

The Department of Rocha, in Uruguay, boasts miles of open beaches, an abundance of biodiversity and an easy-going attitude. Every year, there are more and more travelers visiting the area, so book your trip now, before the untouched beaches become overpopulated. You won’t want to miss out on visiting Uruguay’s hidden treasures.

Rocha Uruguay Coastal Region