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Last updated on March 7th, 2019 at 05:36 pm

amazon eco park hammockSo you have decided to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil – fantastic! The first question that will most likely pop into your head is: Which Amazon jungle lodge should I choose? There is a wide-variety of options, ranging from the very basic up to the lodge that ensures a luxurious stay in the Amazon. The Amazon Eco Park Lodge is a great choice, offering the perfect blend of everyday comforts while allowing its guests to experience jungle living.


The Amazon Eco Park Lodge is located just a 30-minute boat trip from Manaus up the Rio Negro. It is situated on the Taruma River Bank, which is a tributary of Rio Negro. Since the waters of the Rio Negro are very acidic, it is not conducive to mosquito breeding. So you won’t need to worry much about those little insects!

amazon eco park roomThe Amazon Eco Park Lodge is reached via boat (either a double-decker riverboat or a smaller covered wooden canoe powered by a small motor). The lodge, consisting of 21 bungalows (20 wooden bungalows with 3 suites each and 1 concrete bungalow with 4 suites), offers air-conditioned rooms and hot showers for a comfortable jungle experience.

A wooden Pier allows guests to embark and disembark easily. Apart from the Reception area, a bar, souvenir shop, game room, TV area, thatched roof hammock area and natural pools further add to one’s experience at the lodge! There are numerous fresh water streams and over 6 miles of jungle trails around the lodge that offer guests the opportunity to marvel at the Amazon!

Meals at the Lodge

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are served at an open air restaurant and offer something for every guest. Breakfast consists of fresh local fruits, breads, cheeses, ham, eggs, cakes, coffee, milk and tea. Lunch and Dinner are served buffet style and include pasta dishes, fish, meat, potatoes, vegetables and salad as main courses and ice-cream, cake and fruits for desert.

Activities at the Lodge


The Amazon Eco Park Lodge offers a wide variety of activities to ensure its guests a fun and eventful stay. The activities offered range from visits to the Monkey Jungle (a project created by the Living Rainforest Foundation. The monkeys are part of a rehabilitation project and receive veterinary care and are fed twice daily) to Piranha Fishing, Alligator Spotting and a trip to the Meeting of the Waters. Further activities include a visit to a village of an indigenous tribe and a canoe-trip through flooded forests. In the picture to the left, one of our travel consultants Christina Schranz, is holding a juvenile caiman, a member of the alligator family.

Brazil Amazon RiverDefinitely a highlight of the stay in the Amazon is the day-long river trip to the Meeting of the Waters, to see where the Rio Negro (Black River) meets the sandy colored Rio SolimΓ΅es. For about 3.7 miles the waters run side by side and do not mix! The double-decker boat will float down the Rio Negro, passing the city of Manaus, until reaching the point where the waters of the Rio SolimΓ΅es meet the Rio Negro. Because the waters have different density, temperature, and speed, the two do not mix. Lunch at a local restaurant and a visit to a caboclo, a village in the rainforest, is often included in the tour.

Several options are available, from quick 2 day packages, to 4 day packages or more. Our Amazon Eco Park Lodge packages are all-inclusive — all meals, tours, guides, entrance fees, and transfers are included. Read the full Amazon Eco Park Lodge itinerary.

The Amazon Eco Park Lodge is an experience you will not want to miss. If you want to book the Amazon Eco Park as part of your vacation to South America, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at We are happy to help you find just the right Amazon Rainforest travel package!

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