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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm


Grab your sweetheart and head to the Tango Capital of the World, Buenos Aires, where dancers love to show off the feisty, sensual dance that has become synonymous with Argentine culture.

Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect time to take an Argentina Tour to Buenos Aires when the sun is out, and tangueros (tango dancers) are gearing up for the CITA Tango Festival in March. On a Buenos Aires Tango Tour, you can sip some full-bodied, famous Argentine wine, try a hearty steak, and then take a series of tango lessons and learn to dance the night away.

Buenos Aires Tango TourOn a Buenos Aires Tango Tour, you’ll have five nights of tango lessons with professional tango instructors. Whether you and your significant other are beginners or are looking to improve your technique with the masters, you can choose from several levels and styles of classes. There’s the milonguero style where you’ll perfect the close embrace, the sentada, and more. Or stick with a fundamentals class, and learn the footstep pattern until you feel comfortable enough to add some flair.
Obelisk 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires Argentina 150xThe Buenos Aires Tango Tour also includes a Buenos Aires city tour, so that you can get to know the city that’s known for its fascinating history, its excellent wine and steak, and vibrant nightlife. You’ll see the Casa Rosada, where the President of Argentina lives. Also visit the Plaza de Mayo, the Puerto Madero, and the San Telmo Market.

estancia-argentinaOther excellent ideas for how to spend your time in Buenos Aires include an excursion to an estancia or a river cruise. There are several estancias, or ranches, located on the outskirts of town, which preserve the way of life from colonial days. You can watch a gaucho horseback riding show, chow down on a barbecue asado lunch, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the pampas. Another must-visit day trip is to the Tigre River Delta. Escape from the bustle of the city for a delightful river cruise down the Tigre River Delta, where you can see the stately mansions and summer homes of porteños and the Buenos Aires elite.

You can enjoy the sensual and romantic dance year-round. You can take Buenos Aires Tango Tour at any time of the year, or just sit down to an excellent Argentine steak dinner and watch a professional tango show at one of the best tango houses in Buenos Aires. If you’re pressed for time and have only one night in Buenos Aires before continuing on your Argentina tour, make sure to include at least a dinner and tango show. The Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Showhouse, named after the famous tango singer, is one of the finest in the city. But if you can, plan to spend at least a few nights in Buenos Aires.

There is so much to see and do in this sprawling and sophisticated city. View our Buenos Aires Tango Tour and contact a tour consultant if you have any questions about planning your Argentina vacation.