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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Buenos Aires Tango Tour

You’ve heard that Buenos Aires is the world capital of Tango, and now you want to add your dancing shoes to the Argentina holiday packing list. You want to listen to tango music, watch the tango being danced and, of course, learn the steps for yourself. Taking a tango tour of Buenos Aires is the best way to immerse yourself in this Argentine cultural institution: here is what to expect from a Tango Buenos Aires Tour.

Wake up to the tango

If you’re looking for full tango immersion, Buenos Aires offers the ultimate in luxury: a 5*, tango-themed hotel. The Abasto Plaza Hotel will host you in rooms finished with a distinct Buenos Aires flourish: in Argentina, it’s called ‘porteño’ style. You could even take a suite with a private dance floor for your lessons!

Buenos Aires Tango DancersTake to the floor

It wouldn’t be a tango tour without dancing: your tango Buenos Aires tour should absolutely include several lessons with professional and experienced teachers. Expect to be shown the specific steps for male and female dancers, and have the different types of dances explained. Over the course of a few lessons, you should be able to have a few basic steps in your repertoire to impress the folks back home.

Tango from head to toe

Taking a tango tour in Buenos Aires means you’ll also have plenty of time for soaking up the atmosphere on the streets of this beautiful city. As you explore, maybe you’ll indulge in some window-shopping, in which case it won’t be long before you’re faced with rows and rows of elegant shoes. To really look and feel the part as you take your tango lessons, why not visit one of the hundreds of specialty tango stores and get a very authentic souvenir?

Tango Buenos Aires Tour - San Telmo

Tango wherever you go

Buenos Aires offers more than just the tango, and you should expect any tour to show you the main sites of the city, too. Take in the Obelisk, the Colon Theatre and the Plaza de Mayo, as well as famous neighborhoods La Boca and San Telmo. Wherever you go, watch and listen out for the tango. From the steps drawn out on the street, to a couple performing in a leafy plaza: you’ll soon realize that the dance is alive and well in the day to day lives of Argentine locals.

More than just tango, more than just Buenos Aires

As well as the main sites of Buenos Aires, a tour should offer you the chance to see a few of the must-see locations nearby. El Tigre is the riverside town where the wealthy escape the heat to their summer residences. Contrast the bustle of the capital with life in the countryside by visiting an ‘estancia’ (ranch) to see where the world-renowned Argentine steak comes from, and swap the dance floor for the saddle.

Watch and learn

You’ve seen the sights and you’ve learned the moves, but no tango tour would be complete without the professionals showing you how it’s done. Relax with a glass of Argentine wine in hand as dancers with real flair take to the stage. The passion of the live musicians combined with the intensity of the dancers’ performances makes for a truly unforgettable atmosphere. A tango show with dinner is the perfect end to your Tango Buenos Aires Tour!

Get Dancing!

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