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Last updated on December 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm

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Are you planning to visit Paraguay and wondering the best time to visit?

Often, planning a trip to any country or destination involves planning your visit during the best time of the year. Would you rather spend a gloomy day filled with rain or a nice bright day filled with sunshine when you are traveling and exploring?


Okay! What is the best time to visit Paraguay?

Travel to Paraguay is possible year round, but there are only two main seasons: hot, and extremely hot. The month of December through February are the peak hot months. The other months around the year, Paraguay sees consistently warm temperatures between 20 C to 30 C (70 F to 85 F). Paraguay does not experience much rainfall, apart from the occasional cooling showers between March and November. Since the country’s travel industry is embryonic. Travel scene in Paraguay is usually calmer when compared to other South American countries like Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Thus it is safe to say that Paraguay is most visited from October to March, which happens to be its summer season. Remember, the climate in South America is reverse than the climate in North America. For example when its winters in North America, it is summer in South America and vice versa. April to September is also a famous time to visit Paraguay. During this time the temperatures are a bit cool and less humid, and you can also get to enjoy many Paraguayan Festivals. At this time, you can spot a lot of crowd on the streets, shopping and walking around the cities.

For those interested in learning about the Culture of the country, travel during the festive season is recommended. That includes visiting during February, March, or June. In February San Blas Fiestas is celebrated, where polka dance is performed. The carnival of Nigren de la is celebrated in February and is the most popular amongst tourists. The festival of Semanta Santa is observed in March while in June, Festival de San Juan takes place.

When is the Cheapest time to visit Paraguay?

Since Paraguay is a lesser-known South American country as compared to its neighboring countries, flights to Paraguay are usually cheaper all year round. However, around Christmas and New Years, tickets tend to get more expensive. You may also want to avoid traveling to Paraguay on their National Holidays if you want to save some bucks. Not only flights but Hotel rates may also be high during the holiday season.

Fun Things to do and Explore in Paraguay

Landlocked between three great nations that attract the most tourists in South America, Paraguay is a less preferred destination and slips below the radar for most travelers traveling South America. Paraguay is a charming and authentic country with plenty of adventures to offer. Here are our top picks for the top things to do in Paraguay.

  • Asunción: one of South America’s oldest cities is Paraguay’s capital. Top things to see in Asunción are: Casa de la Independencia, Palacio de Gobierno and Panteon Nacional de Los Héroes. For food, visit the Lido Bar and indulge in Asunción’s nightlife at night. Britannia Pub and Pirata bar are some of the most happening bars around the area.Panteón Nacional de los Héroes in Asuncion
  • The Jesuit Missions: also known as the “ruins of Trinidad” these are small colonies that were established by Jesuit missionaries in the 17th century.A picture of the Jesuit Ruins in Paraguay
  • Iguazu Falls: Just a border away from Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is a must visit.
  • Ranching: Vacation on a ranch in the countryside of Paraguay. Some famous activities on these farms are horseback riding, swimming and hiking.
  • Learn Guarani: 90% of Paraguayans speak Spanish or Guarani. Guarani is the National or Native language of Paraguay. Learn a few words of this sweet language to interact better with the locals. (Although our tours will help you find English Speaking guides, so it isn’t necessary to learn the lingo).
  • Triple Frontier: this is the border where three countries meet: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Here one can see the Parana River merging with the Iguazu River. You can also visit the Tancredo Neves International Bridge that connects Argentina and Brazil.
  • Drink Mate: Mate or the Yerba Mate is the traditional drink of Paraguay. It is a hot tea like drink served hot from a hollow flask and sipped from a metal straw. This highly caffeinated drink is passed around and enjoyed amongst friends.



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