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The Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in South America

Planning a honeymoon should be one of the more pleasant activities during the wedding planning period. It’s all about finding a perfect place where love is in the air and two of you can celebrate the beginning of a new life together. Most of you are thinking about something romantic, idyllic, secluded, unique and exotic. There are some that would like to combine the amorous atmosphere with being active or even adventurous. Thank God there are places in South America that can offer you a little bit of everything and can meet your most sophisticated expectations. If you are not sure how to start planning your honeymoon or which destination can be a dream scenario for your honeymoon holidays just ask our travel consultant to help you with all aspect of this special trip. From sandy beaches to romantic getaways, let’s explore the top 10 honeymoon destinations in South America below. 

Honeymoons in South America

Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#1. Cartagena, Colombia

First on our list of Honeymoon Destinations in South America, the Colonial atmosphere of the colorful buildings with wooden balconies, cobblestone streets, old plazas, romantic restaurants, passionate salsa, riding horse-drawn cart this is only a piece of what Cartagena can offer honeymoon couples. If you are ready to take a trip into the past and emerge in magic times choose one of the amazing convents converted into splendid hotels and let yourself be treated like a member of a monarch dynasty.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#2. Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Next on our list of Honeymoon Destinations in South America, the most spectacular landscape your eyes want to see waking up next to your new life partner: beautiful beaches surrounded by tropical jungle, crystal clear water, exotic birds, fresh tropical fruit, secluded spots for a nap in a hammock before going on a jungle trek.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#3. Machu Picchu, Peru

Standing on the top of Machu Picchu looking at the sun going up is one of these moments you want to share with someone special. The unique feeling of being in the center of the universe with the right person next to your side will certainly make your honeymoon holidays special and memorable.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#4. Easter Island, Chile

This is one of these islands where you can find a piece of land for yourself. Mystic climate, volcanic rocks, windy coast, empty beaches will make you feel that this is the place where nobody can find you. The island offers not only wonderful accommodations with high standard quality services but also some enjoyable activities like biking, snorkeling, horseback riding.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#5. Torres del Paine, Chile

Breathtaking landscapes of high snow-capped mountains, empty fields of Patagonia and cozy eco-friendly wooden hotels where you can spend hours sitting by the fireplace. The variety of active tours is also there for you.

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But is the best part. The top Honeymoon Destinations in South America are:

Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#6. Bariloche, Argentina

The region of crystal lakes, mountains and fairies’ woods, Bariloche and the Patagonia Lake District is a magical place. Perfect peaceful surroundings for a romantic boat ride, picnic on a meadow or playing hide and seek in the forest.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#7. Iguassu Falls, Argentina

One of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. A short 3 days visit can be easily combined with a trip to Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro, another two great destinations for honeymooners city lovers.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#8. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Sandy, peaceful beaches, modern resorts, high-quality restaurants and rich bustling nightlife this is what year by year attracts more honeymoon couples that look for some calm and at the same time vibrant place.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#9. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha Grande is like Paradise island in Brazil. Here, cars are not allowed. Only the nature of Atlantic Rainforest and cute mini resorts where you can relax listening to the waves washing the shore. Don’t forget to visit nearby Paraty, the dream scenery for beautiful photos from your honeymoon voyage.

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Honeymoon-Destinations-in-South-America#10. The Amazon, Brazil

Next on our list of Honeymoon Destinations in South America, is the mighty Amazon. Who said that the Amazon is not a good destination to spend your honeymoon? On the contrary, if you don’t mind some monkeys, pink river dolphins, and alligators witnessing your happiness it might be number 1 honeymoon spot for you. In the middle of the Amazon, you will find gorgeous lodges that will make your stay more than comfortable and enjoyable.

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Do you have other ideas for an enchanting honeymoon excursion? Please share them with us and we will make your dreams reality. Love is always in the South American air!

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The Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in South America