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Last updated on May 31st, 2018 at 04:13 pm


The Top 5 Festivals in Argentina You Need to Experience

Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and due to its diverse culture, climate, and geography, a good way to discover the country is through its festivals. Today, let’s explore the Top Argentina Celebrations throughout the country!

Try to schedule your trip around a festival or celebrate to experience Argentina like a local. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Festivals in Argentina we recommend.

1) Folklore National Festival in Cosquín, Cordoba – Festivals in Argentina


January and February are the months with the most festivals featuring Argentina’s local music, dance, and food. Cosquín Festival is the most important of all, taking place over nine nights in this small city not far from Cordoba. All genres of Folklore music are represented here, from the Santiago del Estero´s “chacarera”, to the “chamamé” from the Litoral region.



2) CarnivalFestivals in Argentina


This Catholic celebration is celebrated all over Argentina, but the main event takes place in Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios, only a few hours from Buenos Aires. The parades and shows can be found throughout January and February. The largest celebrations take place during weekends and the actual Carnival dates (normally four days at the end of February / early March) when Argentineans get two days of National Holidays and go out to celebrate. Although the festival is not as big as Rio de Janeiro´s version of it, you can expect large crowds, lots of music, dancing, celebrate, and drinking.



3) Buenos Aires Tango Festival Festivals in Argentina


Buenos Aires is, without a doubt, the Tango Capital City of the World. Every August, the Tango Festival takes place, which consists of a Tango competition with dancing couples from all over the world.  During this time, you will see professional performances all over the city.  You can also learn the basic Tango steps through a Tango Tour through Buenos Aires!  The free two-week event is known as the world’s largest tango-related festival with 2,000 performers and nearly half a million visitors. Tango Festival is one of the quintessential Argentina celebrations you just can not miss!



4) Vendimia  Festivals in Argentina

Festivals-in-ArgentinaThis traditional festival takes place every March in Mendoza, Argentina´s wine capital. People gather to celebrate the grapes turning into wine, after a year-long harvest. The first celebration started in 1936, and the Festival has grown to a large set of shows, concerts, and gatherings which take place throughout the week.





5) Oktoberfest Beer Festival  Festivals in Argentina

Festivals-in-ArgentinaArgentina´s version of Oktoberfest takes place over October’s long weekend (typically around the 12th), in the German-founded city of Villa General Belgrano, a beautiful setting between Cordoba´s sierras chicas (hills).

The original Oktoberfest is set in Munich, Germany, but German immigrants living in Cordoba decided decades ago to start their own version of it, celebrating beer and German culture. The city´s huge beer garden works as the main venue, where beer brewers from all over the country gather to sell their best products, as well as traditional German food.



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