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Combine these amazing tour destinations with your Australis Tour to Patagonia!

For those looking to experience the fjords of Chile, for those who want to reach the
absolute end of the world, or for those that just want to experience Patagonia from another
perspective, the Australis Cruise is a must. The 4-night cruise which sails between Ushuaia,
Argentina – the southernmost city in the world, and Punta Arenas, Chile (and vice versa)
takes travelers to experience parts of Patagonia that very few are able to reach. With a
concentration on the fjords, glaciers, and wildlife of the region, the cruise is complemented
perfectly by land tours to other parts of Patagonia to experience the rolling valleys, the
dramatic, jagged mountain peaks, and the brilliant blue lakes of the region.

Here are my suggestions for the best tours and destinations to combine with your Australis
Cruise, to really make the most out of your time in Patagonia across Argentina and Chile:

Torres del Paine


Arguably the most picturesque and wild part of Patagonia, Torres del Paine, on the Chilean
side, is the perfect addition to land to your Australis Cruise. Torres del Paine brings together
all of the elements of the region to give travelers an incredible experience of the
mountains, glaciers, valleys, and lakes. Torres del Paine is also home to the famous ‘W Trek’,
a challenging, yet rewarding 4-day hike through the national park. The best way to
tour Torres del Paine National Park is through an all-inclusive lodge, where you can
base yourself inside the park, taking daily excursions to experience the different areas. I like
to recommend the excellent Hotel Las Torres, a beautiful lodge located at the base of the
hike to the towers themselves. You couldn’t be any more immersed in the park.

Torres del Paine is also perfectly located to combine with the Australis cruise, as transfers
are easily arranged between the park and Punta Arenas. Transfers to the pier are included in
packages at the Hotel Las Torres.


Ushuaia Travel Guide - Tours, Excursions, & Hotel Recommendations 8

Ushuaia, located in the very south of Argentina, is another great place to spend a couple of
days to complement your Australis Cruise. In Ushuaia, you really do feel like you are at the
end of the world, with imposing mountains and wild forests stretching all the way down to
the sea. The city of Ushuaia itself is a very beautiful and intriguing place to explore, with
the great local cuisine, and interesting museums such as the Maritime and Prison Museum.
Travelers can also spend the day exploring the incredible Tierra del Fuego National Park,
filled with picturesque landscapes and easy hiking trails through its valleys.

With the Australis cruise finishing or beginning from Ushuaia’s main port, located in town, a
couple of day exploring the city and its surroundings is easily combined with the cruise.

The Lakes Region

Nahuel Huapi bariloche lakes district

The Lakes Region can be accessed on the Chilean side, through Puerto Varas, or on the
Argentine side in Bariloche. The nature of the lakes region is more centered around it’s
charming, German-style towns and expansive lakes.

Puerto Varas is a picturesque and quaint town located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue and
is the gateway to exploring the imposing Osorno Volcano, as well as the surrounding
forests and lakes. Travelers can easily spend a few days relaxing in the town and getting to
know it’s surroundings. The quirky ‘Chiloe Island’, known for it’s ‘palofitos’ (colored houses
on stilts over the water) and its culture of mythology is also reachable via a day trip. Puerto
Varas is connected to Punta Arenas by a daily direct flight on LATAM Airways, so is easily
combined with the Australis Cruise.


Bariloche, on the Argentine side of the Andes, is another beautiful, German style town, and
is a little bigger in size than Puerto Varas. Bariloche is the chocolate capital of Argentina, and
the town is filled with small, artisanal chocolate shops and excellent local breweries. The
town itself is the gateway to the ‘route of 7 lakes’, a winding road through the region’s
picturesque lakes and different landscapes, which is one of the most famous driving routes
in Argentina (and indeed the whole of South America). Bariloche is connected by flights
from Ushuaia (via El Calafate) and onto Buenos Aires.

International Connections to Chile


International connections to the Australis Cruise are through Santiago, Chile (for routes
starting in Punta Arenas, and Buenos Aires (for routes starting in Ushuaia). Spending a
couple of days in each city before or after the cruise is also a great way to cap off your time
in Patagonia, with a good dose of local arts and culture in both cities.
As us how best to set up your land package to complement your Australis Cruise and make
the most of your time in Patagonia!

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