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Fernando de Noronha Island Travel Tips Blog

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located about 545 km off Brazil’s northeast coast. It’s considered a paradise for divers (visibility up to 50 meters deep), surfers and nature lovers. Fernando de Noronha is a protected territory of 26 square kilometers declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 2001. Travelers can discover some of Brazil’s most unique beaches here.

beaches and fernando de noronha sealife

The average temperature is 28°c / 84°f with periods of drought (September to March) and rain (April to August). The rainy periods are characterized by sporadic precipitations, with intense sunshine between them.

Sancho Bay on the island is considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Its waters are transparent and beautiful. The bottom is of sand, the kind you can squish your toes into and feel warm. It’s Accessed by a staircase imbued in a crack in the rock, climbing rocks from the Bay of the Pigs, or by boat.

fernando de noronha beaches

“Baia do Sueste” is a calm beach that shelters a marine corridor where turtles, lobsters, and other sea life take refuge at one of the most biodiverse points. Additionally, the highlight is the catch of turtles for study by Tamar Project biologists on Mondays and Thursdays and an outdoor class for those interested.

The natural pools around the island are perfect, with an extensive marine life, where you can see fish, sponges, seaweed, mollusks, and corals, among others. Noronha is part of Carbon Neutral, launched at the United Nations (UN) Climate Conference in Poland in late 2013, whose main objective is to encourage the reduction of carbon dioxide in the island and make it one of the main destinations of the world to offset the emissions of gases that cause global warming

fernando de noronha beaches

The National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha offers 14 options of official trails among them “Baía do Sancho”, “Mirante do Golfinho” and the impressive “Atalaia”. The nightlife is discreet but the “Bar do Cachorro” gained world fame with nights packed by forró and maracatu.

Modern, famous or small typical restaurants, molecular gastronomy, small guesthouses and hotels with a high level of environmental awareness, rental of electric bicycles, and wild trails little explored by visitors, Fernando de Noronha has a lot to offer to all types of traveler.

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