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Travel Tips for Argentina from our Argentina Travel Expert

Argentina is a spectacular travel destination complete with subtropical jungles and ridged mountain ranges.  Read our latest Travel Tips for Argentina from our Travel Consultant Jason Mayo.

#1 Best Places to Stay –  Travel Tips for Argentina

You will find beautiful hotels in each city in Argentina, but here are three truly exceptional hotels that will provide the ultimate experience.

Hotel Llao Llao, Bariloche: Located upon a hill with a stunning view of the lake and the mountains, a more beautiful location would be impossible to find. With 37 acres of land along with an 18-hole golf course, marina, beach, solariam, heated indoor and outdoor infinity pools, Spa & Healthclub, and Fitness Center, this hotel is more like a 6* experience than a 5* experience. Each room is beautifully crafted and there are 5 excellent restaurants that provide unique cuisine options and views of the hotel’s surroundings. This is probably the most special hotel in all of

Hotel Sheraton, Iguazu: This beautiful hotel contains all of the amenities that you would want in a 5* hotel, but the reason why this is one of the best hotels in all of Argentina is simple: location, location, location. Being the only hotel inside the Argentine National Park, this hotel has breathtaking views of the falls from the property. You can even see the falls from a number of the rooms! Another incredible advantage with the hotel is that you will be in the park and can wake up early to walk out directly into the park! The Sheraton Iguazu is can’t miss!

Cavas Wine Lodge, MendozaIf you are looking to discover the wine region in true luxury, the Cavas Wine Lodge is the place for you. With 55 acres nestled between the Andes mountain range and some of the best wineries in the world, the Cavas wine lodge is one of a kind. With an elite restaurant, beautiful spa and the outdoor/adventure activities provided, the lodge is as complete of an experience as you will find!


#2 Things to Eat – Travel Tips for Argentina

Argentina is known worldwide for its meat and wine. If you are a fan of those two things, you will not be disappointed while in Argentina! But there are other foods that you should definitely try while visiting. For a midday snack, try the empanadas – essentially savory dough filled with some combination of meat, cheese and vegetables. For the sweet tooth, the essentials are the dulce de leche.  This originated in Argentina and is found in about 90% of the desserts and cookies called “alfajores.”  The Argentine cuisine keeps it simple and delicious!


#3 Cultural Norms – Travel Tips for Argentina

The Argentine culture is full of warm, proud people that know how to live in the moment. You will notice a couple of things pretty quickly. First, everyone is extremely animated and people rely on their hands to do the majority of their talking. The other thing you’ll notice in Argentina – especially Buenos Aires – is the nocturnal culture.  From their tradition of Tango to their general nightlife, it is an intoxicating and romantic country to the core. These aspects make it a very exciting place to visit.

# 4 Animals You Will See – Travel Tips for Argentina

While Argentina is not famous for its diverse wildlife, there are a couple of destinations that you can see pretty amazing animals. In Ushuaia and Puerto Madryn you will find penguin colonies from November to March. July and August are also the optimal months to see whales in Puerto Madryn.  And while it is not as impressive as the Amazon or the Pantanal in Brazil, the tropical nature of Iguazu Falls and its surrounding areas provide a wealth of interesting species from monkeys to parrots and so much

# 5 Excursions – Travel Tips for Argentina

One of the best parts of Argentina is the diversity of destinations it provides. From waterfalls in a tropical climate to giant glaciers, an incredible cosmopolitan city to one of the most famous wine regions in the world, it has something for everyone. Argentines are usually criticized for thinking they are the best at everything, but with such a diverse, beautiful land it’s hard to argue with them!


# 6 How to get there – Travel Tips for Argentina

From any international destination outside of South America, you will have to fly into Buenos Aires to get to Argentina. Because it is such a large country, I advise travellers to fly from destination to destination within Argentina. There are some really interesting land connections, however, within Argentina’s bordering countries. One in particular is the Lake Crossing from Bariloche, Argentina to Puerto Varas, Chile. You will travel by boat across the lake surrounded by the lush green Andes mountains – don’t miss out on this when visiting the Lake District!

# 7 Additional destinations to add-on – Travel Tips for Argentina

Argentina is bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil & Uruguay. So you can imagine there are plenty of interesting destinations to add onto an Argentina tour. One destination that is very easily added to every Argentina tour is Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. This is a great excursion to take from Buenos Aires to get something the exact opposite of Buenos Aires. Whereas Buenos Aires is fast-moving and exciting bordering on overwhelming, Colonia is a small colonial town with cobblestone streets, and a beautiful view of the river. It is a romantic destination and only a short 1-hour ferry ride across the river.


# 8 Do you need a Visa? – Travel Tips for Argentina

North Americans do not need a visa, but they do need to pay a reciprocity fee in order to enter. You can find more information on that at  For additional logistics, check out our Argentina Trip Planning page.  Here you will find information on Visa’s, flights, currencies, language and more.

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